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NEWSLETTER 30.01.2014


On 12 March Federal Councillor Alain Berset will inaugurate the four-day long «Swiss Presence» («Auftritt Schweiz») at the Leipzig book fair in the historic Gewandhaus: 70 Swiss publishing houses will showcase their books at the joint stand designed in the shape of a reading zone by the well-known Oï studio. Visitors will be able to browse there at their leisure, or take part in discussions with Swiss writers. Over 80 authors writing in all of Switzerland's national languages will be appearing in and around Leipzig. Pro Helvetia is supporting the cultural programme, and at the same time has two projects of its own on the subject of translation.


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«In other words»

The «Swiss Presence» («Auftritt Schweiz») at the Leipzig book fair is presenting a stimulating cultural programme, for example, «living room readings». Pro Helvetia is supporting the Swiss presence at the fair, and is also making a contribution of its own: under the title «In other words», four pairs of authors and translators will be discussing their work in Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. In addition, in cooperation with the Traduki translation network the Arts Council is highlighting Swiss authors with southern European roots. More here:

Prelude to the Prague Quadrennial

As of 1 February , greenhouses, swimming pools and bus depots in and around Geneva will be turned into temporary venues for music and dance performances as part of the Antigel Festival. The festival is also the start of «SharedSpace Switzerland», the prelude to the next Prague Quadrennial in 2015, the world's most important scenography platform. In other events in Basel and Altdorf this prelude to the Quadrennial will examine current developments in scenography. Read more in our press release: www.prohelvetia.ch


Learning from Aping

Guillaume Pilet juggles skilfully between high und low, art and do-it-yourself techniques, using painting, installation, video and ceramic items to generate universes all of his own. The first solo exhibition of the Lausanne-born artist to be held in an institutional location runs in the Kunsthaus Glarus from 9 February. In the style of an amateur scientist, Pilet, born in 1984, has assembled a motley collection of everyday objects from popular culture about apes, studied them, and created works from them, including the «Learning from Aping» project. www.kunsthausglarus.ch

Living in the age of high-tech

What does LSD have to do with high-tech companies? And what will work look like in the future? Answers will be given at the LIFT symposium from 4 to 7 February in Geneva. LIFT is one of the world's most important congresses in the area of digital technology. As part of its «Mobile – in Touch with Digital Creation» programme, Pro Helvetia is to present two panels of experts. One will illustrate the impact that digitalisation has had on cultural output, and the other will show how counter-cultures inspire the creative industry. For more details: liftconference.com


Lysistrata in Riga and Basel

The chamber opera Lysistrata revolves around war and peace, love and the withdrawal of love. A new Latvian-Swiss staging, coproduced by the two composers Jekabs Nimanis and Kaspar Ewald, promises to trigger a lot of discussion. The Latvian vocal ensemble Putni provides top quality musical support. It can be heard for the first time on 14 February as part of the celebrations of Riga as the 2014 European Capital of Culture in the Riga Latvian Society House. The Swiss premiere is planned for autumn, in the Gare du Nord in Basel. For more details: www.rlb.lv

Peter Fischli invited by India Art Fair

The India Art Fair has invited the Swiss artist Peter Fischli to New Delhi. As part of the fair he will debate with Indian graphic artist and writer Sarnath Banerjee about humour in everyday life and in art. He will subsequently travel to Mumbai where he will present the Inlaks Fine Arts Award for young artists. This India trip was organised by the local Pro Helvetia liaison office. For more information: www.prohelvetia.in

Marc Méan searches for the sound of the guzheng

The jazz pianist Marc Méan from western Switzerland is interested in traditional Chinese music. He is on a studio residency in Shanghai until the end of March at the invitation of the liaison office in the megacity. In the very first week he managed to establish contacts with the music and culture scene there through the Jz Club. Working with musicians who play traditional instruments like the guzheng, he is trying to create new sound worlds. His blog enables us to share his experiences: marcmean.tumblr.com

Da Motus! 0n tour in southern Africa

In their piece «Con Tatto» the «Da Motus! » dance company of Fribourg interacts in an unexpected way with public space, passers-by and spectators. In March the company will tour South Africa and Mozambique. For this they have joined up with four dancers from «The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative», a South African company. This cultural exchange was facilitated by the Pro Helvetia liaison office in Johannesburg. For dates: www.damotus.ch


Easing the way to the stage

The writing workshop «Textes en Scènes 2014» is aimed at making it easier for four young playwrights from western Switzerland to get their work staged. The author promotion programme is affiliated with the Arsenic Theatre in Lausanne and St Gervais Theatre in Geneva. An established playwright selected by the young writer will provide advice and support in the creation of a new play. One of them will end up as a co-production performed by the two well-known theatres. Applications, open until 31 March, to be submitted at www.ssa.ch, which also sets out the eligibility requirements.

Gaining knowledge in the crisis

In the context of its «Studio Roma – Programma transdisciplinare sul contemporaneo» programme, the Istituto Svizzero di Roma (ISR) is inviting applications for an annual residency in the Villa Maraini. This offers workshops, field research and master classes with internationally respected experts. The topic of the programme is: «Confronting the crisis: knowledge and tools under scrutiny». A total of twelve artists and researchers may take part. Applications to be submitted by 24 February. For more details: www.istitutosvizzero.it.

Off to Avignon!

Every July the small town of Avignon in Provence puts on the biggest theatre show anywhere in the world. From 17 to 25 July talented young actors and dancers have the chance to spend an intensive week getting to grips with stagecraft under expert direction. In 2014 this project to support the upcoming generation is being organised by Pro Helvetia in collaboration with the festival management. Artists active in Switzerland can download the registration form or order it at theater@prohelvetia.ch.


29 volumes of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz

Specialists at the University of Lausanne have spent twenty years on the Ramuz project, researching, editing and writing commentaries for the publication of the complete works of Vaud-born writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. The last of the 29 volumes has now appeared, plus the biography, «Vies de C. F. Ramuz», which the magazine «L’Hebdo» describes as using drawings, newspaper cuttings and family photos to provide new insights into the writer, who died in 1947. And «Le Temps» stresses how much hitherto unpublished material is to be found in the edition of the complete works, which was supported by Pro Helvetia. For more details: www.slatkine.com


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