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NEWSLETTER 13.03.2014


With its new programme «Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation», Pro Helvetia is obviously in with the spirit of the age. The number of responses to the «Call for Transmedia Projects», issued jointly by the Arts Council and its partners last September, has far exceeded expectations. Over 90 vastly differing projects have been submitted, and they exploit the diversity of the media available to tell a fictional or documentary story. Applicants draw on video game, performance or film-making approaches, working either with analogous or with the latest in interactive technology. The scope of creativity displayed in the transmedia field is impressive, and the unfolding of this scene in the coming years will no doubt be fascinating to observe.


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Run on Transmedia Slots

With 93 projects submitted, the «Call for Transmedia Projects» has clearly exceeded expectations. The programme aims to foster professionalism and encourage creative production in the transmedia sector by means of workshops and financial support for projects. In April, an international jury is due to select the projects that will receive support. The call for projects was launched by Pro Helvetia in September 2013 in cooperation with the Federal Office of Culture, the foundation FOCAL and the Solothurner Filmtage festival. For further information, see the media release at: www.transmediaprojects.ch




Failed Expedition to the South Pole

The failure of his Antarctica expedition in 1917 and the spectacular rescue operation that ensued brought greater fame to English explorer Ernest Shakleton than his polar research work. The Swiss composers’ collective «Karl ein Karl» has created an associative sound and image oeuvre called «Der unverrückbare Himmel» (unshiftable sky/heaven) on the man and his expedition, combining live music, video and language. The premiere is scheduled for 1 April at the Kleintheater in Lucerne, the subsequent tour will take the piece to Uster, Zurich, Cologne, Basel and Winterthur. Performance dates at: www.karleinkarl.ch

Jazz Scene Rendezvous on the Lake of Geneva

Each spring, thousands of jazz fans make their way to the idyllic wine-growing village of Cully on the Lake of Geneva. Despite its success, the Cully Jazz Festival has retained its reputation as an intimate and nature-bound festival. From 4 to 12 April, big names and insider tips from the jazz scene will be there to delight audiences. Swiss musicians performing include Rusconi, Julian Sartorius, Oy, the Stefan Aeby Trio and the Christoph Stiefel Inner Language Trio. Pro Helvetia is backing the festival with a three-year support agreement. The festival programme is available at: www.cullyjazz.ch

«Motion Comics» at Fumetto Festival in Lucerne

Comics suddenly start moving and whisk readers away into a multimedia world. At the interactive «Motion Comics» exhibition presented by the international comics festival Fumetto in Lucerne from 5 to 13 April, visitors can type, swipe and click their way through the stories. A panel event on 12 April provides further in-depth insights into this new field for creative minds. Pro Helvetia supports both the exhibition and the panel event in connection with its «Mobile – in Touch with Digital Creation» programme. Further information at: www.fumetto.ch

Qiu Anxiong Seeks Dialogue in Winterthur

The work of Qiu Anxiong often focuses on the topics of history and memory. The Shanghai-based artist first made a name for himself in Switzerland with his «Staring to Amnesia» exhibition at Art Basel in 2008, in which he projected historical film material on the windows of a train carriage built in 1956. Qiu Anxiong is the first Chinese artist to come to Switzerland for a three-month studio residency on the invitation of Pro Helvetia. He is currently working on a project called «Dialogue» at the Villa Sträuli art museum in Winterthur. Details at: www.villastraeuli.ch


Iranian Readers set to Discover Franz Hohler

Swiss cabaret artist and author Franz Hohler is travelling to Tehran at the end of April. Several of his works are already available in Farsi. He is due to take the stage at the Tehran International Book Fair and to hold readings at the «3 Länder 1 Sprache» (3 countries 1 language) event organised by Österreichisches Kulturforum, as well as at universities in Tehran and in Book City, Tehran’s largest bookshop. The visit has been organised by the Swiss Embassy in Tehran with the support of Pro Helvetia, together with diplomatic representatives from Germany and Austria. Further information at: www.franzhohler.ch

Funk, Trance and Ethiopian Masters

The Geneva-based band Imperial Tiger Orchestra is returning to the African continent after an initial tour in 2010, playing at festivals in Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa. Its latest album entitled Wax, containing ten “killer tracks” in the band’s own words, has been captivating listeners with its feverish interpretations of pieces from the heyday of Ethiopian jazz in the 1960s and 70s . The tour has been organised by Pro Helvetia’s liaison office in Johannesburg. Concert dates at: www.imperialtigerorchestra.ch

The DNA of Photography

The Swiss artist duo Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs were the winners of last year’s Foam Paul Huf Award. The prize brings with it a solo exhibition, opening on 21 March, at the photography museum Foam in Amsterdam. According to the jury’s statement explaining their choice of award winner, the duo’s work shows a playfulness and depth that reveals something of the actual DNA of photography, while their intention to conjure up illusions goes beyond habitual photographic borders. Details on the exhibition at: www.foam.org

Play from Geneva to be Staged in Upper Egypt

Theatre aficionados in Upper Egypt are being given the opportunity to see «La Preuve du Contraire» by playwright Olivier Chiacchiari from Geneva. Abeer Ali is directing the play, which is at once witty and beset by claustrophobic fears. On the initiative of Pro Helvetia Cairo, it will be staged in Asyut in the Nile valley at the end of March as part of the Upper Egypt Cultural Forum. In an associated workshop, Abeer Ali, together with other directors and script writers, will discuss the question of how Swiss plays can be made more accessible to Egyptian audiences. Further information at: www.prohelvetia.org.eg

Swiss Children’s Theatre Visits Liechtenstein

The «HELVETIA» festival, staged by Theater am Kirchplatz (TAK) in Schaan, Liechtenstein, has cast an eye on the Principality’s western neighbour. At the end of March, it is inviting representatives of the Swiss theatre scene to perform for young audiences. The programme includes the hit production «Tschick» by junges theater basel, a German/Rhaeto-Romanic classroom play called «Ils Bandits» by Bagat – producziun da teater from Chur, and the group Trickster_p from Novazzano in Ticino with «sights». Verbal acrobatics will be on offer from the Spoken Word group «Bern ist überall». Schedule at: www.tak.li


New «Cahiers d’Artistes» Series

An initial monograph to their name can serve as an important door-opener for visual artists on their way to an international career. With its «Collection Cahiers d’Artistes», Pro Helvetia has created a series of such artist monographs that are distributed to selected art institutions and curators in Switzerland and abroad. The Swiss Arts Council has now launched its call for applications for the 2015 series, to be submitted via www.myprohelvetia.ch. In mid-May, an independent jury will select the eight most convincing dossiers. Detailed information at: www.prohelvetia.ch


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