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NEWSLETTER 30.04.2014


«Triptic – Cultural Exchange in the Upper Rhine Region» has added momentum to cross-border cultural life in Northwestern Switzerland, Alsace (France) and Baden-Württemberg (Germany). Existing forms of cooperation among cultural institutions on both sides of the Rhine have been strengthened and new ones launched. The programme was initiated by Pro Helvetia together with the Swiss general consulates in Strasbourg and Stuttgart. Assessments given by its roughly one dozen partners have invariably been positive. Triptic, involving the northern neighbours, will come to a close on 21 May, whereas a new cross-border exchange programme in the south is just starting. A first taste of «Viavai - Contrabbando culturale Svizzera-Lombardia» can be had in Milan in May.


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Culture Transcends Borders

A total of 16 tri-national cooperation projects have been realised in the upper Rhine region as part of the Triptic programme since September 2013. They range from scenic reading, light installation and sound performance to a tri-national festival of walking. The projects have given rise to new relationships between cultural institutions from France, Germany and Switzerland, as well as strengthening existing ties. On 21 May, in Mulhouse (France), Pro Helvetia and its project partners will celebrate the closing of the programme and forge plans for the future. Find out more at www.triptic-culture.net

Crying Out Loud in Public

How does urban life today influence the culture of tomorrow? This is the question explored at the performaCITY festival, due to run from 6 to 15 June, through cultural interventions and conferences in public spaces and at Kaserne Basel. British theatre maker Ant Hampton, for example, asks in a workshop why it is so hard for us to cry out loud in public. The festival is part of «SharedSpace Switzerland», Pro Helvetia’s run-up programme to the most important international platform for scenography, the Prague Quadrennial. The performaCITY programme is available at www.performacity.net

«Viavai» at the «Giro del Gusto»

The «E.A.T. Etnografie Alimentari Transfrontaliere» project belongs to the cultural exchange programme «Viavai - Contrabbando culturale Svizzera-Lombardia» initiated by Pro Helvetia. The project spotlights food traditions and local dishes that the Italian-speaking south of Switzerland shares with Italy’s Lombardy region. On 2 May, it will be a guest at «Villaggio Svizzero» on Piazza del Cannone in Milan, on the first stage of the «Giro del Gusto», with which Presence Switzerland is showing our country from its tasty side in the run-up to Expo Milano 2015. Further information at www.viavai-cultura.net

Pamela Rosenkranz Nominated for Art Biennale 2015

Pamela Rosenkranz, originally from the Canton of Uri, will be responsible for designing the Swiss Pavilion exhibition at the next Venice Art Biennale. The appointment was made by the biennials jury of the Swiss Arts Council. With her art, Pamela Rosenkranz raises complex issues by means of impressive symbols that have a broad array of references ranging from politics, history, philosophy and technology to pop-culture. The 56th edition of the Venice Art Biennale, one of the world’s foremost platforms for contemporary art, opens in May 2015. Further information at www.prohelvetia.ch

Cultural Projects Enabled in 90 Countries and 206 Communities

In 2013, Pro Helvetia helped enable Swiss artists to realise more than 3,300 cultural events such as exhibitions, tours and publications in about 90 countries around the world – from Berlin to Bangkok, from Stockholm to São Paulo. Roughly two thirds of the Arts Council’s funds were used for Swiss cultural projects abroad. In Switzerland, Pro Helvetia supported over 1,300 projects in 206 communities. The number of applications for support was again slightly higher than in the year before. More information can be found in our annual report at www.prohelvetia.ch


Literary Encounters in Chiasso

Chiasso on the Swiss-Italian border: an Irish pub, an art-deco theatre, a printer’s office, a station depot enveloped in railway-related noise. Such are the settings of the literary festival «ChiassoLetteraria». Supported by Pro Helvetia, it is presenting a programme from 1 May on that is full of surprises, including the possibility of direct encounters with the authors present. Among those invited are José Eduardo Agualusa from Angola and Aleksander Gatalica from Serbia. Swiss writers participating include Anna Felder, Anna Ruchat, Tommaso Soldini and Monica Cantieni. Programme details at www.chiassoletteraria.ch

First Swiss Theatre Gathering in Winterthur

The first «Schweizer Theatertreffen» (Swiss Theatre Gathering) is due to be held in Winterthur from 22 to 31 May. It has been realised thanks to the initiative of the «Schweizer Bühnenverband» (Swiss theatre association). Seven selected productions from the Italian, French and German speaking parts of Switzerland will be staged. A diverse supporting programme is organised to attract stage directors, experts and an interested public. For the first time the Swiss Theatre Prize by the Federal Office of Culture will be handed over on the opening day and in the presence of Federal Councillor Alain Berset. Programme details at www.schweizertheatertreffen.ch

Familiar Objects in a Different Light

In an exhibition running from 16 May to 21 June, artist Dunja Herzog from Basel is showing her work in French-speaking Switzerland for the first time. The solo exhibition entitled «I know it’s a zebra when I see stripes» at the «Piano Nobile» art space in Geneva represents a new project of hers that is to be rounded off with a publication in summer. At the heart of the sculptures and installations on display are familiar everyday objects which are given a new and unexpected significance. Further details at www.pianonobile.ch

Polyphonic Solothurner Literaturtage

From 30 May to 1 June, the town of Solothurn will again be the focal point of the Swiss literary scene. The central topic of this year’s Solothurner Literaturtage festival is «Stimmen – Voix – Voci – Vuschs». The spotlight is on polyphonic ways of narration and translation, as well as on sound, rhythm and performance. «Matchmaking» on 31 May facilitates personal encounters among Swiss and international festival organisers and literary agents. Programme details at www.literatur.ch

Take that!

During the «Take that!» festival from 5 to 8 June, dance and theatre productions and performances from all over Switzerland, each marked by an originality entirely its own, will be on show at the venues Rote Fabrik, Tanzhaus and Gessnerallee in Zurich. Pieces staged include the latest creations by 2bcompany, Phil Hayes and Julia Perazzini. The festival is also, as successor of «Gipfelstürmer», inviting international event organisers to discover the current Swiss scene. Programme details at www.gessnerallee.ch


Bonaparte Conquers China

A few years ago, singer and multiple instrumentalist Tobias Jundt set out together with his band Bonaparte to conquer the Berlin nightlife scene. Since then, the live band with its spectacular shows has been regularly praised by music critics for its originality and its creative madness. Thanks to support from Pro Helvetia’s liaison office in China, audiences will be able to experience for the second time Bonaparte’s live rock‘-n‘-roll night adventures at the Midi-Festival in Beijing, the biggest rock festival in China. After that the band travels to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Further information at www.prohelvetia.cn


When Photography Becomes Book

Pro Helvetia has been supporting the publication of photo books since 2013. This new promotional tool has met with great interest among photographers. Out of 40 applications for support, in sum reflecting high quality and a diversity of style, the ten most convincing have been selected. The Arts Council is now launching a new call for projects. Photo book projects can be submitted up to 1 June 2014 via www.myprohelvetia.ch . Information on the criteria to be fulfilled is available at www.prohelvetia.ch


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