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NEWSLETTER 13.11.2014


Invited for a studio residency by Pro Helvetia’s local liaison office, Swiss photographer Virginie Rebetez worked in South Africa for three months in 2013. The results have been on show in Switzerland, France and South Africa, for example at the award-winning exhibition «Tokoloshe». Theatre maker Boris Nikitin from Basel, during his studio residency, got to know Indian stage director Zuleikha Chaudhari. The outcome of their collaboration is the acclaimed spatial installation «Also the Real thing», presented in New Delhi and in Johannesburg. These are two of many examples showing how big an impact a studio residency offered by the Swiss Arts Council’s liaison offices in Shanghai, New Delhi or Johannesburg can have on an artist’s career, and how productive cooperation projects developed during these residencies can be.


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Auction Night at the Swiss Institute in New York

On 1 December, the Swiss Institute in New York is holding its annual Auction Night. Artists donate work of theirs to be auctioned off in bid battles under the guidance of renowned auctioneer Simon de Pury. Featuring among this year’s guests of honour are art collector Ursula Hauser and artist Valentin Carron. The annual fundraiser event enables the institute, which is largely supported by Pro Helvetia, to cover a part of its operating costs. Further information at swissinstitute.net


Berne as Meeting Point for Action Art

In early December Berne will, for four days, be the focal point of national and international action art. The «Bone» festival is known for the extended scope of expression it offers and for its unorthodox formats. Backed by Pro Helvetia, this year’s 17th edition is dedicated to the melting pot New York and its cultural fault lines. Thanks to co-curator Maya Bösch from Geneva, the festival has also built a bridge to the French-speaking part of Switzerland, which is home to almost half of the performers appearing at this year’s festival. www.bone-performance.com


Swiss Jazz in London

November is the time for London’s largest music festival, the EFG London Jazz Festival. Its programme is put together each year by the British production company Serious, with whom Pro Helvetia collaborated in 2013 in connection with a jazz workshop. This cooperation is now paying off, as no fewer than four Swiss groups are participating in this year’s London festival: voice virtuoso Andreas Schaerer in duo with percussionist Lucas Niggli , the two trios Rusconi and Plaistow, as well as violinist Tobias Preisig. The programme is available at www.efglondonjazzfestival.org.uk.

Young Artist Spotlights Ecological Collapse

We often prefer to look the other way when it comes to issues like environmental destruction and the threat of nuclear energy. Julian Charrière, an up-and-coming young artist from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, does not. His impressive sculptures, photographs and installations serve as a reminder, a warning, without ever being moralising. Some are currently on show at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne. Elsewhere, at the Rudolf-Scharf-Galerie in Ludwigshafen, a presentation called «Somewhere» is opening on 15 November. At the heart of the exhibition is a film that Charrière shot on a nuclear weapons testing site in Kazakhstan. Further information at www.wilhelmhack.museum

Béjart with Beethoven in Shanghai

Maurice Béjart choreography to Beethoven’s 9th symphony requires a lot of space. Which is why previous productions were set at locations like the Olympic stadium in Mexico city and St. Mark’s Square in Venice. Now, 50 years after its premiere, a revival is due to be held in Shanghai. The Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the Tokyo and the Shanghai Ballet are joining forces to make up the necessary number of around 300 performers. The revival will be staged at the China Shanghai International Arts Festival on 16 and 17 November and again in Lausanne next year in June. Further details at www.bejart.ch

Ten years of Literature in Todtnauberg

The idyllic mountain village of Todtnauberg in the southern part of the Black Forest, where philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote many of his books, is hosting its «Todtnauberger Literaturtage» for the tenth time. During the last weekend of November, readings will be held in various local restaurants as well as in the open, around a fire, with a view to the Swiss Alps. Renowned Swiss authors Ruth Schweikert and Franz Hohler are honouring the festival’s anniversary by taking part – neither of them for the first time. First-timers among those scheduled to read include Gertrud Leutenegger and Urs Zürcher. The programme can be found at www.literaturtage-todtnauberg.de.

Folk Music from the Andes, Alps and Himalaya

The annual UN Climate Change Conference will be held in December this year in Lima, Peru. As a run-up to this global event, local audiences are invited to undertake a folk-music tour of discovery through the Andes, the Alps and the Himalaya. Johannes Rühl, director of the Swiss «Alpentöne» festival in Altdorf, served as artistic advisor. Participating artists from Switzerland include the alphorn quartet Hornroh with Balthasar Streiff from Basel, which will subsequently go on tour around Peru. Further details at festivaldealturas.pe

Politics on Stage

The 9th edition of the «Politik im Freien Theater» festival has given itself the weighty heading «Freiheit» (freedom). The festival is one of the most important of its kind in the German-speaking world’s independent theatre scene. Fifteen outstanding independent productions will be staged in Freiburg im Breisgau from 13 to 23 November on invitation by the festival jury, five of them from Switzerland: junges theater basel, Milo Rau, Martin Schick, Corinne Maier and Chris Kondek & Christiane Kühl. Programme details are available at www.politikimfreientheater.de.


Studio Residencies in China, India and South Africa

Pro Helvetia’s liaison offices in Shanghai, New Delhi and Johannesburg have launched a call for applications for three-month studio residencies in 2016. Such residencies offer artists an opportunity to gain in-depth insights into a foreign cultural environment, to draw inspiration and possibly to line up cooperation projects with local cultural practitioners. Eligible are Swiss artists in the domains of music, literature, theatre, dance and visual arts. The deadline for application is 1 March 2015. Further information at www.prohelvetia.ch or directly from the web pages of the liaison offices in Shanghai, New Delhi and Johannesburg.

Creative Exchange with Scientists at CERN

CERN in Geneva is considered the birthplace of the World Wide Web. The renowned scientific research centre is now, together with Pro Helvetia’s «Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation» programme, taking applications for a three-month studio residency under the heading Collide@CERN. It is aimed at artists – Swiss or resident in Switzerland – from all arts disciplines who are interested in working on an internet project. They stand to benefit from ongoing exchange with science and its practitioners in a unique environment . The deadline for application is 27 February. Details on the conditions for application can be found at arts.web.cern.ch.

Second Edition of «Call for Transmedia Projects»

Together with the Federal Office of Culture, the Focal foundation and the Solothurn film festival, Pro Helvetia has launched the second edition of its «Call for Transmedia Projects». It is intended for artists who develop a complex fictional or documentary narrative on a minimum of two platforms. The aim is to promote the creation of new digital narrative forms. An international jury will assess the dossiers, which must be submitted by 2 March 2015. Further details at www.transmediaprojects.ch


Mariella Mehr – Voice of Switzerland’s Yeniche

The Yeniche or Jenische (German spelling) are an old nomadic people whose rights in Switzerland journalist and author Mariella Mehr has been asserting for over 30 years. As so many of her kind, she was a victim of Pro Juventute’s «Kinder der Landstrasse» (children of the road) campaign and grew up in 16 different homes for children and 3 educational institutions. Some of her traumatic past finds its expression in her poems. Italian-speaking readers now have access to a collection of these poems thanks to a bilingual edition published by Einaudi called «Ognuno incatenato alla sua ora» (everyone chained when their time comes). Further information at www.einaudi.it


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