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NEWSLETTER 18.11.2015


Book fairs are where all kinds of book lovers meet up – book worms as well as professional animals from the world of literature and ideas. This makes them an ideal setting for a country to promote its literary novelties. Representatives of Switzerland’s publishing associations are, with the backing of Pro Helvetia, making the most of such opportunities, travelling to book fairs around the world to present their latest publications. This month it is Moscow and Guadalajara (Mexico) that are opening a window on Swiss literature. For those among us who cannot travel so far in the body, Historisches Museum Bern offers an alternative, taking visitors on a virtual journey around the globe and through time.


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Swiss authors in Russia and Mexico

The «Non/Fiction» book fair in Moscow opens on 25 November. Georges Nivat, Franz Hohler and Lukas Bärfuss have been invited to introduce their books to Russian audiences. Later this autumn, Swiss literature will be represented on the other side of the Atlantic, too. For Lucas Bärfuss, this means travelling on to another continent for the «Guadalajara International Book Fair» in Mexico. www.moscowbookfair.ru, www.fil.com.mx


A journey through space and time in 80 minutes

Eighty minutes is all it takes from the Berner Oberland to reach the South Sea via the Silk Road, to travel from the Stone Ages to the present day. Bernisches Historisches Museum makes this possible with its latest exhibition entitled «In 80 Minuten um die Welt» (around the world in 80 minutes). It presents highlights of the museum’s collection of over 500,000 objects from various ages and distant countries. So why not join in on a trip through space and time, expertly guided by Reeto von Gunten, Lo & Leduc, Guy Krneta and others. The exhibition closes on 28 March 2016. www.bhm.ch

Cultural adventures for free

Three days. Forty concerts, performances, installations. A dozen locations. Zero francs. This is what awaits those prepared to go to Lausanne between 4 and 6 December. The festival «Les Urbaines» is an experimental ground for the latest adventurous trends in music and the performing arts, for all those willing to enter a world of wonder and discovery. No admission is charged. www.urbaines.ch


Focus on Swiss contemporary music

Every November, the representatives and aficionados of experimental music meet up in the heart of England for the «Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival». In the coming three years, one of the focuses of the festival – the largest festival of its kind for new music in Britain – will be on Switzerland. Jürg Frey as composer in residence has been invited to open the programme dedicated to Switzerland this year, which also includes performances by the Konus Quartett and Ensemble Phoenix. The festival is due to run from 20 to 29 November. www.hcmf.co.uk

Valaisain-Hanseatic symbiosis

Kunsthalle Bern, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, La Conservera in Murcia (Spain), Kunsthalle Zürich, the Swiss Institute New York – all of these have displayed works by Valentin Carron in the past. The Overbeck society has now organised a first comprehensive exhibition of his work in Germany. Valentin Carron draws inspiration for his art from the Valais, his native region, but also relates to the venue of the exhibition, the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. Supplementing the exhibition, scheduled for 22 November 2015 to 31 January 2016, are workshops, public debates and a series of concerts. www.overbeck-gesellschaft.de

Colours, shapes, sounds

Three Swiss composers take the stage together with Russian musicians and media artists for «Splendor of Colours». The outcome is more than just a concert. Their aim is to bring about a synthesis of art forms – sounds and images, performance and video merge in a burst of audiovisual creativity. The premiere will be held on 28 November at Meyerhold Theater Center in Moscow. netfest.ru

The painter with the jaw’s harp

Anton Bruhin is a painter, poet and musician who plays the jaw’s (or Jew’s) harp with the same virtuosity as he displays with computer pixels and letters of the alphabet. The Istituto Svizzero in Milan is dedicating an exhibition to this «folk artist» – as he calls himself – that spans the entire range of his creative output. It opens on 22 October and runs until 12 December. www.istitutosvizzero.it

A festival for video art

With the 7th «Cairo Video Festival», the Egyptian artist collective «Medrar for Contemporary Art» is providing a platform for up-and-coming video artists. They screen and discuss new, experimental low-budget videos and films. Peter Aerschmann from Switzerland will be present to show a selection of his videos. The festival dates are 10 to 19 December. www.medrar.org


Young theatre practitioners – off to Berlin!

Each year in May, the German-language theatre scene gathers in Berlin. For talented young practitioners, the International Forum at the Berlin «Theatertreffen» offers an intensive programme involving visits of theatre performances, workshops, discussions, excursions and lectures. Pro Helvetia enables three theatre practitioners who work in Switzerland and are no older than 35 to take part. Applications must be submitted by 15 December 2015 at the latest. Link to the application call: www.prohelvetia.ch


Do you like poems?

So do we! So it’s good news that two new volumes of poetry have just been published. The anthology «Poetische Schweiz», in its second issue, comprises 25 poems by well-known and lesser-known Swiss poets in German, French, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic and Indonesian – Indonesia being the guest country at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. The volume «Lyrik von jetzt 3» (poetry of today 3) brings together some of the most important representatives of young German-language poetry from the North Sea to south of the Alps, all of them under 35 years of age. www.literaturtagezofingen.ch, www.babelsprech.org


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