“Call a Friend 2.0.22” Project

Pro Helvetia Moskau

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“Call A Friend 2.0.22” is the second edition of the project in transition, bringing you the voices of international contemporary artists and art practitioners, responding to a call for collective action, and highlighting questions of communication, social connection, and friendship.

“Call A Friend 2.0.22” is a series of artistic and educational initiatives that promote international cultural exchange and polyphonic conversations between different artists and communities. Addressing current social and political issues, ‚to call a friend‘ means to relate to others beyond the concept of identity and belonging, to recognise ‚otherness‘ and to communicate with others.

The initiative created by artists and curators Aishat Adueva and Oksana Yushko — artistically explores cultural landscapes throughout the Caucasus and Eastern Europe from a decolonial perspective, establishing sustainable interconnections in the cultural and social spheres. Through artistic and curatorial research the project examines traditional practices of hospitality, innovative communicative methods, and strategies that engage with others and enable the integration of diverse groups of people.

The “Call A Friend 2.0.22” initiative is based on principles of critical and musical thinking and invites people from different positions of artistic power to relate to others and play together in an ‚orchestra‘, using their voices as instruments to be heard. Each sound of these voices is important.

Swiss participants in the project include:

  • composer and artist Rio Wolta (led workshop, artist-talk, critical sessions for youngsters in Keda, Georgia, April, 2023),
  • photographer, art director and co-founder Verzasca Foto Festival Alfio Tommasini (led a practical workshop on photography and visual art “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” for youngsters in Keda, Georgia, July 2023),
  • drummer, electronic musician and producer Michael Anklin (led a two-day CHIMÄRA sound art lab for youngsters, Dilijan, Armenia, September 2023).
Group of people is sitting in the circle and listening each other
Artist talk by Rio Wolta, a Swiss musician and artist. Ria Keburia Gallery, Kachreti, Georgia. April 2023 © Oksana Yushko
A man with camera in mountains surrounding
Alfio Tommasini in Keda, Upper Adjara, Georgia. July 2023. © Oksana Yushko
A boy offers headphones to a man, circle of kids
Sound laboratory of Michael Anklin, Dilijan, Armenia, September 2023 © Oksana Yushko