Guide to Residencies in South America

Pro Helvetia South America

Hinweis: Dieser Beitrag ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Check out some of the programmes and spaces in the continent; publication in English, Spanish, and Portuguese gathers guide and interviews

The residency programmes and spaces in South America are integrated, each in their own way, to the multiple contexts of the region. They build links with urban centres, rural areas, and different knowledge, human and non-human. Above all, they seek to respond to the realities and open space for exchange, research, and artistic creation – in a scenario of historically scarce funding for the arts.

In Pro Helvetia’s Residency Programme, we collaborate with several partners, working in a variety of disciplines and formats. Some operate in fixed spaces, sometimes linked to institutions such as foundations and galleries. Others function as open and sporadic platforms, that may arise as an extension of a festival or from partnerships with professionals from other areas.

With a view to strengthening and expanding this network, we present the second edition of this guide, now published in three versions: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Besides bringing together some of these spaces and programmes, the publication features interviews with artists and residency managers, who discuss the plurality, learnings, and challenges involved in culture exchange.

We invite you to learn about part of the artistic residency ecosystem in South America.

Enjoy your reading.

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Application deadline: 1 March 2024