Our Offices & Partners Abroad

Pro Helvetia

supports and disseminates Swiss arts and culture. We have a worldwide reach through our offices abroad and stimulate cultural production with our initiatives.

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Opening of the office: Webinars

Event partners in South America are organising webinars on social and cultural policy issues.

Dance, Theatre

Research Contributions Dance & Theatre

Call for Applications

Urban intervention by Lea Meier in São Paulo ©Lúcio Braga
Global Network

New office in South America

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Residency «CAB Patagonia»

Call for Applications: Two week residency «Consciousness» in Patagonia, Chile.

Mockup Translateswissbooks mobile site

New platform for book professionals

The new digital platform «Translate Swiss Books» is online.

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What Pro Helvetia supports

We support Swiss arts and culture with a special focus on diversity.

By granting financial contributions, we enable the production of new artistic work, strengthen cultural exchange between Switzerland’s various linguistic regions and between Switzerland and abroad, disseminate Swiss culture worldwide, foster up-and-coming young artists and engage in arts outreach.

As a national institution, we support projects of transregional significance.


With initiatives of our own we take up topical developments in the arts scene and lay the foundations of new networks for Swiss cultural practitioners at home and abroad.

Our initiatives are devised in collaboration with artists, event organisers, cultural institutions, public and private sector sponsors and, in an international context, with our country’s diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

Our Offices & Partners Abroad

We maintain a network of offices around the world. They support ongoing cultural exchange between Switzerland and the countries or regions concerned.

The cultural centres present Swiss arts in international hubs of cultural life. The liaison offices initiate and nurture contacts between cultural practitioners from Switzerland and other global regions, and contribute to the dialogue between cultures.