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Crowdfunding in culture

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Crowdfunding in culture

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Crowdfunding in culture – does that work? To find an answer, Pro Helvetia supported three projects in 2016:

Study on crowdfunding in culture

Pro Helvetia and the Federal Office of Culture jointly commissioned a study from the Institut für Finanzdienstleistung Zug on the significance of crowdfunding in the world of culture. The results show that it is indeed possible to drum up funding for small-scale projects, especially in urban areas. The conclusion drawn by the study is that crowdfunding fosters cultural diversity and new forms of participation.

Symposium on crowdfunding in culture

In June 2016, representatives of public and private cultural promotion organisations, operators of crowdfunding platforms and cultural practitioners gathered in Stadtmuseum Aarau for a symposium, at which the results of the crowdfunding study were discussed and compared to real-life cases in Switzerland and abroad. Also on the agenda was the question of what forms of collaboration between public, private and crowdfunding-based promotion were the most promising for the future.

Exhibition project on crowdfunding in a museum

As part of its exhibition «Demokratie! Von der Guillotine zum Like Button» (democracy! from guillotine to like button), Stadtmuseum Aarau launched an experiment. On the museum’s own crowdfunding platform, interested parties were invited to present a project of their own, whereupon visitors had the opportunity to pledge start-up support.


Live Stream Interview with Amanda Palmer: «When the crowd supports an artist (and not a single project)»

Caroline Norbury, MBE, Creative England, Chief Executive:
«Creative Enterprise: Harnessing the Power of the Crowd to Boost Public and Private Funding»

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