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Verschiebungen 18/18 (SO)

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A scenographic approach to the general strike

A hundred years after the general strike, the project commemorates the fateful incidents of November 1918 in the canton of Solothurn and discusses its meaning for the present. The project was jointly set up by Pro Helvetia and SoKultur and runs until 2019. The aim is to raise awareness of the 1918 general strike throughout the canton, and to encourage debate on its implications.

«Verschiebungen 18/18» consists of several subprojects that are realised on the basis of historic research and with lay participants from all parts of the canton of Solothurn. An annual action day, with radio plays included, seeks to convey the concerns and demands of the strikers to a broad public. Each action day is dedicated to a specific facet of the 1918 strike. In 2016 the focus was on the demands of the «Oltener Aktionskommitee», the organizing force of the general strike, in 2017 the emphasis was on the supply conditions and on women’s wages relative to their purchasing power.


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