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Reviving, sharing, connecting

Living traditions viewed from a contemporary perspective – this is the goal of the participatory collection and exhibition project in the canton of Fribourg. It is aimed at the local public and would like in particular to actively involve the younger generation of the Fribourg region. Art practitioners and hobby photographers are called on through a variety of channels to give a present-day take on local traditions. The project’s goal is not only to raise awareness of local cultural heritage, but also to inspire both artists and the population in general to reinterpret old regional traditions.

For the first exhibition, «Living traditions in images» commissioned photographer Pierre-Yves Massot to present the St. Nicolas festivities in pictures. The exhibition «L’âne, la foule et son idole» (the donkey, the crowd and its idol) contrasted his contemporary images with documents from the photo archives of the Cantonal and University Library in Fribourg.

Pro Helvetia is backing the project up to 2018. During this time, the collection is disseminated via notrehistoire.ch and social media and presented as an exhibition at various venues throughout the canton. A publication is also being planned.


Images by Pierre-Yves Massot
Impressions of the opening on 1 december:

[Colour Photos © Pierre-Yves Massot / Black & White Photos © BCU Fribourg]