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Promotion of up-and-coming young choreographers

Danse et Dramaturgie

Yasmine Hugonnet «Le Récital des Postures»

The «Danse et Dramaturgie» project aims to support young choreographers with the development of a stage play. Thanks to the help and experience of a dance dramaturgue, the artists invited at each of the partner locations benefit from specific guidance throughout the creative process up to the performance on stage.

In parallel to this dramaturgical guidance, the various partner venues organise residencies offering artists a special setting for their creative work and enabling them to make the acquaintance of Swiss theatre houses and their teams.

Selection process

Via the project partners responsible.

Artists supported so far

Elodie Aubonney / Marion Baeriswyl, Ivan Blagajcevic, Cie IDEM – Clément Bugnon et Matthias Kass, Michael Walti, Valentine Paley / Fréquence Moteur, Emma Murray, Nils Amadeus Lange, Géraldine Chollet, Simon Wehrli, Yasmine Hugonet, Gregory Stauffer, Cie deRothfils, Tina Beyeler, Rudi van der Merwe

(Photo: Yasmine Hugonnet «Le Récital des Postures» © Anne-Laure Lachat)