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Cultural diversity in non-urban regions

NAIRS – Engadine building culture past and present

Former pump room Büvetta Tarasp, NAIRS

Foreign elements in homegrown traditions



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Fundaziun NAIRS in the Engadine is an art venue, cultural centre and artists’ abode all in one. In its role as cultural centre it focuses on the heritage and  cultural creation of the region as well as issues in that field. Fundaziun NAIRS raises questions about the Engadine’s cultural identity and hosts events related to Romansh cultural life.

Since 2015 it has spotlighted in particular the foreign influences that make themselves felt in the Engadine to this day. «Engadiner Baukultur damals und heute – Über das Fremde im Eigenen» (Engadine building culture past and present – foreign elements in homegrown traditions) consists of seven sub-projects seeking out foreign influences in the Engadine from an artistic, architectural, geographic and social perspective. Because it takes a sharp eye to discern the various elements that make up one’s own roots. The projects include guided tours and talks on the architecture of the past 15 years, workshops on limestone as the basis of the Engadine’s building culture, artistic interventions, a public colloquium on the subject of foreign elements in homegrown traditions, and an associated publication.

«Engadiner Baukultur damals und heute – Über das Fremde im Eigenen» kicked off in 2015 and runs until 2017.