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Stück Labor Basel

Photo of the production "Retten, was zu retten ist" in 2016

StückLabor Basel (play lab Basel) is a programme initiated by Theater Basel in 2008 for the promotion of new Swiss drama. Originally founded as a series of workshop days for the creation of four new theatre texts, it was changed into an author-in-residence model for three young Swiss playwrights in 2011 and has remained so ever since. Each year, three authors are selected and given the possibility of working for a whole season at a renowned theatre in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Theatres taking part in the programme are Theater Basel, Konzert Theater Bern and Luzerner Theater. In close collaboration with theatre practitioners at these institutions, the young dramatists each create a new theatre text that is then premiered at the end of the season. StückLabor coordinates the requirements of the project partners, fosters networking and the exchange of information, and supports the writers by means of coaching and workshops.