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Promotion of up-and-coming young theatre practitioners

Extra Time

Festival FAR°, Extra Time 2018

Extra Time is a promotion and guidance programme initiated in 2015 by FAR° Festival des arts vivants. It supports projects of aspiring young Swiss artists from the stage arts as well as from other disciplines. Each participant benefits from guidance over several months by a specialist in the field of performing arts. The FAR° team provides mentoring, support in the production process and a place of residence for a defined period. Extra Time gives artists an opportunity to present their work to the public at the FAR° festival. This guarantees a high degree of visibility, not least thanks to the presence of Swiss and international event organisers, and the possibility of networking at this important stage in their career.

(Photo: Trân Tran «Here & Now», Extra Time 2018 © Festival FAR° – Julien Gremaud)