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Promotion of up-and-coming young theatre practitioners / Promotion of up-and-coming young choreographers

Seminar in Taipei

Rimini Protokoll «Remote Taipei 2017»

Dates of the Seminar 2019

from 9 to 18 August

Following Singapore in 2017, Pro Helvetia launched «Seminar in Taipei» a year later, in collaboration with the Taipei Arts Festival. As in the case of the «Séminaire en Avignon», it enables a dozen young arts practitioners to attend performances, hold discussions under the guidance of a specialist, meet professional artists performing at the festival, and exchange ideas on proposed subjects. Thanks also to the support of Pro Helvetia’s liaison offices and several cultural institutions in Asia, artists from all continents will have the opportunity to take part in this seminar in the Taiwanese capital.


Stage directors, actors, performers, stage designers and choreographers (age limit 35 years) can apply provided they already have some experience in planning and implementing projects of their own. A good command of English is also required.

Swiss artists supported to date (in Taipei and, previously, in Singapore)

Alan Alpenfelt, Philippe Diener, Christine Milz, Alessandro Schiattarella, Sarah Simili, Teresa Vittucci.

(Photo: Rimini Protokoll «Remote Taipei», Taipei Arts Festival 2017 © Taipei Arts Festival)