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Cultural diversity in non-urban regions

Cantonal culture assembly (AR)

Fotografie: Hannes Thalmann © Kulturlandsgemeinde

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Culture, debates and encounters

«Kulturlandsgemeinde» (the name modelled on the canton’s annual political assembly) is a festival in Appenzell Ausserrhoden held at a different location and dedicated to a different topic each year. Be it truths, distortions and lies, the limits of a society striving for ever greater perfection in all walks of life, or simply the weather, a never-ending source of cheer, annoyance and, of course, material for conversation. Cultural practitioners, academics and entrepreneurs jointly address these topics in debates and artistic productions.

Pro Helvetia is supporting the festival from 2016 to 2019 in the scope of its «Cultural diversity in non-urban regions» initiative in order to foster visibility, networking and dissemination. The aim is to encourage co-productions with other festivals, to take the format to other regions beyond Eastern Switzerland, and to find new topics for coming festivals.