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Forum Culture – Projet Guillaume (BE)

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Taking culture to outlying communities

The networking project «fOrum culture», launched by the canton of Berne, intends to generate greater visibility for regional stage art. Pro Helvetia is supporting the subproject «Forum Culture – Projet Guillaume» from 2016 to 2019. It consists of four different formats that are put into practice in the canton of Jura, the Bernese Jura region, and Biel/Bienne. They link up theatre practitioners and bring the performing arts closer to the audience’s everyday environment.

In one format, theatre makers jointly work on a project for 24 hours; in another, external stage practitioners are invited to become acquainted with a regional theatre. In the third case, both amateur and professional performances are filmed and the resulting videos posted on social networks to make them accessible to a broader public. And the fourth offers art at the closest possible range, with three plays staged in private homes between February and May 2018.