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Promotion of aspiring artists Visual Arts

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Bastien Gachet, «Novembre», Zabriskie Point, Genève, 2017. © Julien Gremaud

Promotion of aspiring artists Visual Arts

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We support curatorial initiatives by self-organised art spaces and small and medium-sized art institutions on behalf of aspiring artists. The aim is to facilitate the artists’ entry into the art scene and help them gain initial exhibition experience.

In spring 2018, contributions were awarded to thirteen art spaces, including eleven for their annual programme and two for a specific exhibition project.

Annual programme:

Specific project:

  • Taylor Macklin in Zurich, for the group exhibition «STRIKE», with Carissa Mitchel, Raphaëlle Müller, Anaïs Wenger
  • SALTS in Birsfelden, for the group exhibition «Semantics of the Future» with Marie Matusz, Alan Schmalz