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Right and wrong, true and false

Opening day with special programme

On Sunday, 28 October, Stapferhaus is opening its new premises in the immediate vicinity of Lenzburg railway station. The above-mentioned exhibition can, on this day, be viewed free of charge from 9am to 6pm. The opening is supplemented by numerous events related to the subject of truth and lies.


What are important, what are necessary, and what are deadly lies? Visitors are confronted with these and similar questions as they make their way through the new Stapferhaus in the Swiss town of Lenzburg. Starting on 28 October, the exhibition entitled «Fake. Die ganze Wahrheit» (Fake. The whole truth) probes the notions of lies and truth.

For this purpose, the new, black, cubic-shaped building at Lenzburg station is transformed into a «public office for the entire truth». The various «departments» and «offices» provide scope for a whole array of scenographic solutions. Visitors can have facts checked at the «office for the ascertaining and safeguarding of truth», and experience how doctors, lawyers and priests handle truth and lies in their professional activities in the «committee of credibility». The «department of strategic deception» introduces audiences to numerous variations of the art of camouflage and deception, demonstrated by animals and plants that can make themselves practically invisible, or appear far more dangerous than they really are.