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Venice Biennials

Competition for Swiss Pavilion 2020

Swiss Pavilion in Venice

Composition of the independent jury

Céline Guibat, jury president
Architect EPFL sia, Zurich, Sion

Anna Hohler
Lic. Phil. 1, Lausanne

Verena Konrad
Architecture curator, Vorarlberg

Lukas Meyer
Architect ETH, FAS, Bellinzona)

Rob Wilson
Architecture editor, the architects’ journal, London UK

The Venice Architecture Biennale is considered one of the most respected platforms for architecture and urban design worldwide. In light of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition due to open in 2020, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has launched its second general competition for the exhibition project at the Swiss Pavilion.

This year, 51 dossiers were submitted to Pro Helvetia and in accordance to the competition regulations, seven projects have been selected for the shortlist of the competition.

These seven projects have been chosen by Pro Helvetia based on the recommendation of a specialised jury:

  • «Les villes suisses se jettent à l’eau», a project of Paysage n’co sarl: Valérie Hoffmeyer, Monique Keller and Sylvie Kleiber – Geneva
  • «Open Limit», a project of LVPH Architectes: Laurent Vuilleumier and Paul Humbert – Pampigny
  • «The seven rules», a project of studioSML: Sara Cavicchioli, Léo Collomb, Max Collomb and Lisa Collomb – Lausanne
  • «Thicknesses of the Swiss border», a project of Le Laboratoire d’architecture: Mounir Ayoub, Vanessa Lacaille, Fabrice Aragno and Pierre Szczepski – Geneva
  • «True Story», a project of Patrick Arnold and Benjamin Groothuijse – Zurich
  • «VILLA SVIZZERA», a project of Josephine Eigner, Michelle Geilinger, Dennis Häusler and Jan Westerheide – Zurich
  • «Walla», a project of Mikael Blomfelt, Roger Boltshauser, Andres Bosshard, Veronika Spierenburg and Sabine von Fischer – Zurich

In the first round of the selection procedure, the jury conducted three stages of evaluation, which resulted in seven projects remaining in the competition. In stage one, the projects submitted were closely assessed and compared. Each jury member was instructed to personally rate the 51 entries and to pick a selection of them for the actual evaluation. Stages two and three consisted of comparing the results and cutting the number of projects retained down to seven.

The seven projects will be presented again to the jury in a meeting on 16 November 2018. The candidates that will be selected based on their presentation will be able to pursue and develop their projects for two months before the final assessment.

Pro Helvetia and the independent jury will nominate the final project for the Swiss Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2020 in the course of 2019.