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PolARTS: Arts Meet Polar Science

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30 January 2020

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Arts meet Polar Science – Networking & Discussions

Zurich, 5 December, Cabaret Voltaire

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In a complex world in which arts, science and technology are interlinked and multidisciplinary processes are becoming increasingly important in the face of global and societal issues, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Polar Institute have jointly launched a pilot project named PolARTS. For Pro Helvetia, this represents a first step in its support of innovative models of production and collaboration between the arts, sciences and technology.

As a tool for the promotion of transdisciplinary work, PolARTS enables various types of research and practical exploratory activities to be brought together. The aim is to foster a dialogue and an exchange of ideas between polar sciences and the arts. PolARTS also intends to inspire practitioners in these fields to reflect on elements of their own work from a different perspective.

For a period of eight months, PolARTS will support three tandems each consisting of a polar scientist and an arts practitioner. The tandems propose topics and associated content for a project in connection with the polar regions. PolARTS provides them with opportunities to meet and to share and discuss their research ideas, as well as an opportunity to jointly undertake a field excursion to a polar or a remote mountain region.

Interested parties who do not yet have a tandem partner are invited to take part in the networking event «Arts meet Polar Science – Networking & Discussions» at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich on 5 December 2019.