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Interactive Media: Results of the Call for Projects

Deep Space Gardening

Call for Projects - Interactive Media

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deadline: 1 March 2020

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For the fifth consecutive year, Pro Helvetia launched a Call for Interactive Media Projects. The Swiss Arts Council’s «Culture and Business» focus supports the development, production and distribution of video games, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) content, interactive comics and other forms of digital content demonstrating a high degree of interactivity.

Ten projects were selected from 42 applications. The selected projects will receive funding at different developmental stages, for example, during pre-production, production or distribution. The goal is to support studios in establishing themselves on the market.

Composed of Marie Blondiaux, Dajana Dimovska, Erinrose Sullivan, Marc Bodmer and Jason Della Rocca, the jury highlighted the maturity of the proposed projects, indicating a high level of professionalism among the participating studios. The jury also noted that some projects rejected in previous calls were successful on this occasion by integrating the jury’s feedback.


Momo-pi Game Studio, «Shonen Jump Mobile Game»
Jury comments: «It is exciting to see a Swiss team working with Japanese partners and thus accessing such a range of  popular manga characters. This brings an international dimension to the Swiss scene in a very pragmatic way.»

Alexandre Bourquin, Dan Bourquin, «Meteora»

Stray Fawn Studio, «Nyoma – The Walking Village»

Idezo GmbH, «Cancer Kill Squad»
Jury comments: «By approaching the complex subject of this disease in a bold, personal and artistic way, this project will potentially add new modes of expression to video games.»

Asteroid Lab Sàrl, «Terraformers» 

DSG Team, «Deep Space Gardening»


Stray Fawn Studio, «Niche – Breed & Evolve»
Jury comments: «This studio is mature enough to embark on very specific distribution issues and develop several projects in parallel. «Niche» for mobile is the extension of an existing project, the jury has nevertheless decided to support a new and comprehensive model, on account of its significant potential.»

Okomotive AG, Projet Confidentiel
Jury comments: «Okomotive illustrates a number of things we want to see as a jury. It represents a structure that has grown tremendously, from a group of students into a real studio. It is poetry, coupled with an undeniable appeal: they have won many awards and found their audience.»

Team Kwakwa, «Helvetii»


Blindflug Studios, «Stellar Commanders»