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André Gelpke

Amok © André Gelpke

André Gelpke, Amok
cpress, Zurich in collaboration with Spector Books, Leipzig, 2014

ISBN 978-3-944669-81-6

The images selected and arranged in “Amok” present André Gelpke’s photographic reaction to a world whose complexity raises more questions than valid answers. In this volume, Gelpke juxtaposes photographs of street scenes from different cultural backgrounds with images of his own family, everyday objects and visual finds, which enter his personal collection as visual citations. Photography serves Gelpke as a medium not only for photographing everyday situations, encounters and bizarre moments, but also for collecting what he has seen and experienced, as well as for rearranging those experiences and for creating poetic references or relationships between the images. His photographs stand alone and exist without additional levels of information. Trusting in his subjective narrative imagery, Gelpke is concerned with moments of (re-)cognition, as it were, as well as with those of incomprehension. Alice Wilke