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Bruno Aeberli / Pauline Piguet

Dos Imperial, Pauline Piguet & Bruno Aeberli, Acme, 2017.

Bruno Aeberli / Pauline Piguet, Dos Imperial
Acme, Lausanne, 2017

Dos Imperial intertwines the work of a photographer, Bruno Aeberli, a graphic designer, Pauline Piguet, and a writer, Simon Dubois. Similar to a travel diary, dotted with the tropes of a heavenly holiday, Dos Imperial offers a glimpse of the exotic and unexpected, while revealing the banality of travel and its images. The narrative, conveyed by images and words, their repetitions and superimpositions, as well as their emptiness, reveals as much as it retains, assuming a fragmentary character that tends towards the dreamlike and hallucinatory. The white spaces between the images or within the photographs, a text consisting almost exclusively of isolated words, the recurrence of similar images, prevent linear reading as well as any precise recollection of the images. They recall the fleeting nature of lived experience and the imprecision of its memory, as well as the impossibility of adequately transmitting a lived personal experience. Danaé Panchaud