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Things People Wear in Kenya, Chaumont-Zaerpour, Kodoji Press, 2019.

Chaumont-Zaerpour, Things People Wear in Kenya
Kodoji Press, Baden, 2019

ISBN: 9781916041202

Under their almost modest title, Things People Wear in Kenya, Philippine Chaumont and Agathe Zaerpour ambitiously explore Kenyan fashion. Their large-format, dense and saturated publication resembles a constellation of visual notes with an emphasis on detail and close-ups. It reflects a young, dynamic and diverse scene encountered in several cities across the country. Their study is based on interviews with its various actors: designers and craftspersons, but also models and enthusiasts. Their interviews shed captivating light on fashion as it is experienced by those who make it, on its economies and its networks of production, marketing and consumption. They highlight particular issues, such as the influx of second-hand European clothing or the high costs of local manufacturing, which, in turn, inform reading the images gathered here. [Danaé Panchaud]