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Corina Flühmann

Weststrasse © Corina Flühmann

Corina Flühmann, Weststrasse
Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich, 2015

ISBN 978-3-905929-72-0

One thousand cars and trucks per hour — statistically speaking — thundered down Zurich’s Weststrasse for decades, until the final closure of this arterial thoroughfare in 2010. Although the noise and exhaust fumes made the road a popular place to live for many students and people on low incomes due to the low rents, it was obviously always colourful and lively. Corina Flühmann has been photographing Weststrasse and its residents since 2007, creating a long-term portrait that documents the complex social and demographic developments in the area. What happens when all of a sudden the soot disappears from the facades and the constant engine noises fade away? What price do people pay for an improved quality of life, and which parts of the population ultimately benefit from this change, and in what ways? Images have a greater narrative power than mere figures and statistics, as they are able to capture the moments of real life. Flühmann’s photographs reveal the inner and outer perspectives of a neighbourhood undergoing constant change and its consequences for the everyday lives of its residents. [Alice Wilke]