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Gregory Collavini

Silent Outlooks, Editions Favre © Nicolas Wieland

Gregory Collavini, Silent Outlooks
Editions Favre, Lausanne, 2016

ISBN 978-2-8289-1520-9

The noise barriers featured in Silent Outlooks are an ordinary and insignificant element of Swiss urban and rural landscapes. And yet, as we turn the pages, they become increasingly oppressive due to their apparent omnipresence. The result of successive policies that have preferred to make noise tolerable rather than to mitigate its cause, these barriers seem to have gradually crept into the landscape, without us even noticing them. Gregory Collavini’s images speak of great technical and visual rigour and seem neutral and withdrawn at first sight. However, they highlight, subtly and worryingly, the unobtrusive constancy of these walls amid their surroundings. At a time when walls have become an international symbol of identity withdrawal and repressive migration policies, these barriers metaphorically echo certain aspects of Switzerland, such as the concern for comfort and preservation that silently accepts disengagement and isolation. Danaé Panchaud