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Kurt Caviezel

The Encyclopedia of Kurt Caviezel © Rorhof

Kurt Caviezel, The Encyclopedia of Kurt Caviezel
Rorhof, Bolzano, 2015

ISBN 978-88-909817-5-3

Kurt Caviezel defines his practice as «photographing the world» — yet he does so exclusively through surveillance cameras that transmit their images in real time via the Internet. Over the past fifteen years, Caviezel has built up a gigantic archive of several million images. From this phenomenal mass, he has compiled his Encyclopedia, which presents a typology based on a fraction of his archive. The classification of images by theme seems at first sight simple and obvious, involving scientific or administrative rigour: insects, markets, cobwebs, bus stops, etc. Gradually, however, the viewer realises that the definition of categories, and the assigning of images to one category rather than another (e.g. «monobloc» or «animal» chair?) is instead a completely subjective process, highly creative, and consciously tinged with humour. Danaé Panchaud