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Matthieu Gafsou

H+ © Matthieu Gafsou, Heidelberg 2018

Matthieu Gafsou, H+
Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg / Actes Sud, Arles, 2018

ISBN 978-86828-843-8

Prostheses, dietary supplements, implants, virtual reality, biohacking, anti-aging: human beings develop diverse strategies and technologies to transform body and mind. Today, this movement is called Transhumanism (H+), whose representatives are striving for possibilities of modifying and optimising our — in their eyes — limited existence. This book combines photography with philosophical approaches belonging to both science and technology. It conveys the insight that such visions of the future have long arrived in contemporary practices. Gafsou’s photographs present the various ideas and approaches in an exemplary and symbolic way, and thus provide background information on the respective makers and thinkers worldwide. The book depicts a kaleidoscope of possibilities in an interplay of fascination and horror. Accompanying the photographs is a critical essay by sociologist David Le Breton. The presented inventory deliberately leaves open any judgment on the benefits and consequences.Alice Wilke