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Maya Rochat

A Plastic Tool © Maya Rochat

Maya Rochat, A Plastic Tool
META/BOOKS, Amsterdam/Berlin, 2014

ISBN 978-90-821182-1-6

In her first work to assume the physical dimensions of a book of photography, Maya Rochat invites the viewer to engage in manipulation. There is no text, except on the edge of the book, just images! As well as all kinds of processes for their materialisation. Far from reproducing the artist’s plastic, sculptural work, this volume offers a truly new experience: offset printing, stencil Riso printing, painting and intervention directly upon the metal plates. The pages provide a kind of support akin that of the fabric, tarpaulin, photographic printing, or painting in Maya Rochat’s installations; the book, as a result, becomes an exhibition space. The boundaries blur between abstraction and figuration, between representations and poetic evocations. There is also a special hand-painted edition. Denis Pernet