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Maya Rochat

A Rock is a river © Maya Rochat

Maya Rochat, A Rock is a River
Self Publish, Be Happy, London, 2017

ISBN 9781999814403

In her book productions as well as in her plastic work, Maya Rochat pursues her research on the image, which is situated between photography, the printed image, painting and digitisation. In the third volume (produced in London), she invites us into a picture book containing, for the first time, an inserted leaflet and texts commissioned from specialists in various fields including Simon Baker, curator of Tate Modern at the time, or Viviane Morey, artistic director of a festival on sexualities. The magma of images blurs the tracks between media and techniques, between abstract forms and identifiable elements and, at the iconographic level, between photography and painting. Printed on silver paper, some pages offer a shimmer that prolongs the strangeness of scanner defects and paint splashes. The resulting book-object becomes a sculpture and an exhibition space in its own right, in its own physical way. Denis Pernet