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Miklós Klaus Rózsa & Christof Nüssli / Christoph Oeschger

Miklós Klaus Rózsa © cc-by-nc

Christof Nüssli / Christoph Oeschger, Miklós Klaus Rózsa
cpress, Zurich in collaboration with Spector Books, Leipzig, 2014

ISBN 978-3-944669-42-7

Photographer and political activist Miklós Klaus Rózsa has established a vast personal archive, spanning the years 1971 to 1989 in Zurich. It includes both his own photographs as well as press articles and documents about him, furnished by the various local and federal police authorities who monitored his actions for almost twenty years. Taking these photographs, despite the risks involved, was in itself a political act. The challenge was of course documentary, but also an act of resistance. It formed the basis for a narrative of these episodes of mobilisation and political instability that is distinct from that of the media, and in particular from that of the state. In this imposing volume, which runs to over 600 pages, these opposing and incomplete narratives are confronted and juxtaposed, while their chronology is respected, by Christof Nüssli and Christoph Oeschger’s precise and complex graphic work. Danaé Panchaud