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Ruth Erdt

Ruth Erdt, Nicht zittern, 2017
Christoph, Zürich, 1996

Ruth Erdt, Nicht zittern
Lars Müller Publishers, Zurich, 2017

ISBN 978-3-03778-540-9

“Don’t tremble”: whom are these words addressed to? The person in front of the camera or perhaps the person behind it? The object’s body, the photographer’s hand? The book’s title aptly pinpoints the proximity and intimacy between the actors, a theme which is later explored further. Ruth Erdt keeps neither herself nor her counterparts at a distance. She brings her readers very close before her lens and offers deep insights into her photography, into her own being, in the first half of the book with words, in the second with photographs. Nicht zittern is therefore an self-portrait in two respects. The words and photographs form a unity, holographically reflecting their subject from two perspectives, intertwining so as to form one and the same story. Erdt says that her photographs are also concerned with questioning the existing gaze regime from a female perspective. This book, which describes her career, also reflects on a piece of photographic history — the fundamental shift from analog to digital photography, and the onset of the narcissistic flood of images in social media — from a very personal point of view. Photography is thinking. Every look is a thought. [Alice Wilke]