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Tiphanie Mall

Ramsdorf © Tiphanie Mall

Tiphanie Mall, Ramsdorf
Self-publishing, 2015

Historical archives have enticed generations of artists to explore their potential and to reinterpret the unearthed material and data. The picture material presented in this book is taken entirely from the archive of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The selection of photographs dating from 1960 to 1983 shows various interiors, sober images of technical installations and devices, material probes and people at work. They are interspersed with unexpected, sometimes weird snapshots, for example of a skull lodged between two switch boxes or small electrodes as figures on a chessboard, adding a further dimension to the documentary-style picture repertoire. Bereft of the original captions accompanying the archive images, the sequence of pictures in the book develops a narrative pattern of its own. The content is given a speculative and hypothetical touch, and thus becomes open to interpretations beyond pure representation and reflection of the past. Alice Wilke