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Virginie Rebetez

Out of the Blue © Virginie Rebetez, Meta/Books 2016

Virginie Rebetez, OUT OF THE BLUE
Meta/Books (Delphine Bedel), Amsterdam, 2016

ISBN 978-90-821182-2-3

A young woman vanishes without a trace: Virginie Rebetez reconstructs the mysterious, unsolved case of Suzanne Lyall’s disappearance in 1998. A selection of reproductions of historical pictures from her family album, the investigators’ files and Lyall’s handwritten notes blend with Rebetez’s photographs, taken during her research in Lyall’s personal surroundings and among her family. Since its beginnings, photography has been used in forensic studies. The artist, on the other hand, appropriates the forensic material of police investigations and processes the images and objects into a photographic assemblage at whose narrative centre stands speculation about the whereabouts of the missing person. The protagonist is both absent and present, while the photographs prove her existence and serve as an instrument of memory and visualisation. Rebetez succeeds in letting a complete stranger become completely familiar and in conjuring up her story in our imagination in a real and new way. [Alice Wilke]