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2018 – 2020

Gauthier Toux Trio / Trio Heinz Herbert / Yves Theiler Trio

Gauthier Toux Trio


2015 «More than ever»
2016 «Unexpected Things»

Complex, lyrical, masterly – such is the «Gauthier Toux Trio». Inspired by contemporary jazz trends as well as pop and hip-hop while still drawing from the roots and traditions of jazz, the trio conjures up a unique soundscape. Together with Kenneth Dahl Kundsen (bass) and Maxence Sibille (drums), French pianist Gauthier Toux set up the group in 2013 in Lausanne, where he had studied music at the Haute Ecole de Musique. The international trio currently features among the emerging acts of the Swiss and European jazz scene.

In their latest album «Unexpected Things», the group entices audiences into a musical universe of their very own.


Trio Heinz Herbert


2014 «Die Reise des Gerbikulus Starwatchers»
2016 «Phiii»

The two brothers Ramon (synthesizer, keyboards, organ) and Dominic Landolt (guitar) got to know Mario Hänni (drums) at the jazz department of the Lucerne School of Music. Today the three share a home in Zurich and create a heady mix of experimental and contemporary jazz as Trio Heinz Herbert, constantly shifting among sonic worlds and reinventing their musical style.

Besides the recent release of two albums, «Phiii» and «The Willisau Concert», they have been organising trio performance projects with other music and art practitioners, thereby transcending the traditional band format and giving impetus to experimental forms of expression.


Yves Theiler Trio


2012 «Out Of The Box»
2016 «Dance In A Triangle»

With their constant switch between composition and improvisation, structured music and ad-lib, the Yves Theiler Trio merge precision and a playful touch into contemporary jazz art. Theiler’s compositions are expanded in ongoing exchange between Yves Theiler (piano & composition), Luca Sisera (bass) and Lukas Mantel (drums). The outcome ranges from minimalistic to groovy.

Their second album, «Dance In a Triangle», bears witness to the trio’s interactive virtuosity. Traditional role divisions are dissolved, with each one driving harmony, melody or rhythm, depending on what the music calls for.