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Swiss Selection Edinburgh: Winter Residencies 2021

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Following the success of the Summer Virtual Residencies in 2020, «Swiss Selection Edinburgh» of Pro Helvetia is proposing a new round of residencies over the winter. The program matches three Swiss artist/Companies of the performing arts with UK venues and festivals for a week-long virtual residency programme. The aim of the project is to build relationships between UK venues/festivals and Swiss artists that show a strong potential to present their work at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The selected projects are:


Swiss contemporary dance duo La PP are paired with Nottingham’s Dance4, a development agency supporting R&D and production of new choreographic works, based at the Centre for Choreography (iC4C). Through the residency, La PP will research a project named ‘Class’, re-thinking the concept of coaching, private dance classes, and home delivery both in the virtual and physical world. Exploring digital formats, this residency will be a moment of experiment with Dance4 staff and invited UK-based artists.

A Podcast on the project:


Performance practitioners Igor Cardellini and Tomas Gonzalez are being hosted by London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT). For the residency Cardellini & Gonzalez invite Colectivo Utópico – a group they founded with artists from Brazil and Argentina – to make connections with the UK landscape through their project ‘Performance Telling’. A research- & practice-orientated process on parasitism and togetherness.


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Theatre maker Monika Truong will be hosted by Bristol-based producing organisation MAYK, curators of Mayfest – Bristol’s biennial international festival of contemporary theatre – culti-vating new connections and understanding of the creative community in Bristol & the UK more widely. During her time on residency, Monika Truong plans to elaborate some ideas of her new work «Be part of», in particular the potential of community building rituals, both in face-to-face and digital interactions.