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In/Out Festival

In/Out Festival

3-4 July 2021


Connecting experimental music scenes in disparate locations

The first edition of IN/OUT was initiated as a response to the pandemic in the context of COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Culture Exchanges to stimulate collaboration between experimental music scenes in South American. For this second edition supported by the Pro Helvetia liaison offices in South America and Johannesburg, IN/OUT connects three major music festivals from the very different geographies of South America, East Africa and central Eu-rope: Novas Frequências [Rio de Janeiro, Brazil], Nyege Nyege [Kampala, Uganda], and Sonic Matter [Zurich, Switzerland] – together with 23 artists from these regions – to investigate new pathways for sonic exchange and forms of collaboration in times of COVID.

The IN/OUT Festival takes place on the Internet during a period of social isolation. A way to stay connected while being apart, the festival is a unique cross-platform event, disseminating online concerts, video art, DJ sessions, immersive audio-visual performances and hybrid proposals bridging music and other art forms on 3-4 July 2021 on the festival’s own channels.