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2019 – 2021

Marie Kruttli Trio / Lucia Cadotsch

Marie Kruttli Trio


2016 «Running After The Sun» (trio)
2015 «What Do I Miss 2015» (with her New York Quintett)
2014 «Kartapousse» (trio)

Energetic and full of creativity, French-speaking pianist Marie Krüttli is breaking new ground in modern jazz with fellow musicians Lukas Traxel (double bass) and Jonathan Barber (drums): the trio combines complex rhythms with a clear sound and thus manages the balancing act between profoundness and lightness.
Since its founding in 2010 and its debut album «Kartapousse» four years later, the Marie Kruttli Trio has won acclaim not only from critics but also from audiences across Europe. After a musical sojourn in New York and earning the Langnau Jazz Nights Prize and the ZKB Jazz Prize, Marie Kruttli now lives and works in Berlin. Her latest album «Running After The Sun» emulates her earlier success.


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Lucia Cadotsch


2018 Yellow Bird: «Edda Lou» (with band)
2017 Lucia Cadotsch + Speak Low: «Speak Low Renditions»
2016 «Speak Low»

Jazz was long considered a purely male domain — yet Lucia Cadotsch’s unmistakable voice proves that times have changed. Fusing artistic openness and passion, her vocal jazz honours her idols and breathes new life into the songs of jazz greats like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. This work resulted in the trio album «Speak Low,» which was followed by «Speak Low Renditions,» a remix album created in association with various musicians. The theme of artistic exchange pervades the works of the ECHO jazz prize winner. Various bands have emerged from her collaborations. For example the LIUN + The Science Fiction Band, in which she brings together digital and analog worlds with Wanja Slavin and thus discovers new forms of contemporary synth pop.
Together with British pianist and organist Kit Drownes and cellist Lucy Railton, Lucia Cadotsch takes to the stage as «Lucia Cadotsch + Tricko.» This musical diversity, however, is only possible thanks to her flexible, characteristic and absorbing voice. Or as The Guardian has observed: «Remember this name, you will hear it often.»



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