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Selected Projects: «To-gather»

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  • The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has selected 31 projects to support the development and testing of new frameworks and methodologies for working internationally as part of the «To-gather» international collaboration.

    For the first time, «To-gather» supports 2–3-year collaborations between arts practitioners, cultural organisations and institutions in Switzerland and their counterparts in the regions of the Pro Helvetia liaison offices. The call looks to support time for critical reflection on the current situation, for sharing ideas towards more equal forms of exchange between cultures and across contexts, and for experimenting with new formats for collaborating.

    The following projects will be supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in the coming years:

    Pro Helvetia Cairo / Arab Region

    Hewar for independent theatre and performing arts and Erik Altorfer
    Theatre; Egypt, Switzerland

    Extended ecologies
    Medrar for Contemporary Art and The Critical Media Lab (IXDM)
    Visual Arts, Innovation & Society; Egypt, Switzerland

    Moving Stones
    Marcel Bieri and Sailing Stones Festival
    Music; Tunisia, Switzerland

    My North is your South
    Alan Alpenfelt and Julia Foster, B’sarya, Olivia Wiederkehr, Thiyazen Alalawi
    Multi-disciplinary; Egypt, Switzerland, and other countries

    To-Gather in Residencies
    Fashion Revolution Switzerland and Fashion Revolution Egypt
    Design; Egypt, Switzerland


    Find out more about the projects on the Website of
    Pro Helvetia Cairo

    Pro Helvetia Johannesburg / West, Central, East and Southern Africa

    500 Hands for the Restitution
    Group 50:50
    Interdisciplinary; Democratic Republic of Congo, Switzerland and other countries

    Art in human spaces
    Jill Richards, Christophe Fellay
    Music; South Africa, Switzerland

    Kaserne Basel
    Interdisciplinary; South Africa , Switzerland,

    Locus Globus
    Vaughn Sadie, Neil Coppen, Ntando Cele, Raphael Urweider
    Interdisciplinary; South Africa, Switzerland

    Work it Out
    Interdisciplinary; Switzerland, Mozambique, Iran, Argentina, Turkey, Chile

    Maabara Exchange
    Maabara Initiative
    Performing Arts; Kenya, Switzerland

    Reading Africa
    Litar Foundation
    Literature; Switzerland and other countries


    Find out more about the projects on the Website of
    Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

    Pro Helvetia New Delhi / South Asia

    Awake the sleeping giants
    Trickster-p, Sandbox Collective
    Performing Arts; India, Switzerland

    Environmental Art Exchange (EAE)
    Shazeb Shaikh, Institute of Land and Environmental Art (ILEA)
    Art, Science and Technology; India, Switzerland

    How To Live Together?
    HH Art Spaces Foundation
    Performing Arts; Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Switzerland

    Rotational Rider
    Samdani Art Foundation
    Visual Arts; Bangladesh, Switzerland

    Swiss Indian Network of Experimental Music and Sound (SINEMS)
    The Indian Sonic Research Organisation (ISRO), The International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education (IMMSANE), and Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST, Zhdk)
    Music; India, Switzerland

    WET LAND: New Terrain for Collaboration, spaces of sharing
    Abdul Halik Azeez and Jackie Poloni
    Transdisciplinary; Germany, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland

    With the field
    Anga Art Collective (IND), Gidree Bawlee Foundation of the Arts (BD), Arte & Escola Na Floresta (BR), Paloma Ayala (MX/CH) and Tara Lasrado (CH)
    Visual Arts; Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Mexico, Switzerland


    Find out more about the projects on the Website of
    Pro Helvetia New Delhi

    Pro Helvetia Shangai / China

    UN-Curating: Arts and Interdisciplinary Collaboration
    UNArt Centre
    Interdisziplinär; China, Schweiz

    To See, To Say: The new wave of international women independent performing arts project
    Yinzi Theatre
    Darstellende Künste; China, Schweiz

    The New Voice Project
    One-way Street Journal
    Literatur; China, Schweiz


    Find out more about the projects on the Website of
    Pro Helvetia Shanghai

    Pro Helvetia Moscow / Russia

    Christian Müller and Periferiya collective
    Music; Russia, Switzerland

    Primeval Forests as Time Machines
    Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK, Art & Science Center of ITMO University
    Visual Arts, Innovation&Society; Russia, Switzerland

    Ulyap Chanson: A Transmedia Artistic Journey around the “DJEGUAKOS”
    Flee Project in collaboration with Ored Recordings
    Transdisciplinary; Russia, Switzerland


    Find out more about the projects on the Website of
    Pro Helvetia Moscow

    Pro Helvetia South America

    Amazonia Revisited
    CMC Festival
    Music, Interdisciplinary; Virtual

    Dance & Performing Arts; Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland

    Exchange program between SACO Biennial and Swiss Institutions
    Corporación Cultural SACO
    Visual Arts; Chile, Switzerland

    Expanded Translation Platform for Reflection, Co-Creation and Activation, Switzerland/Latin America
    Übersetzerhaus Looren/Looren América Latina
    Literature; Chile, Mozambique, Switzerland

    Life Plan for Art & Social Change/Landlocked lands: Shifting peripheries and paradigms
    Kiosko Galería
    Visual Arts; Bolivia, Switzerland

    Dance, Performing Arts; China, Chile, India, Lebanon, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa


    Find out more about the projects on the Website of
    Pro Helvetia South America

    «To-gather» aims at supporting either new or ongoing long-term international collaborative projects and encompasses all disciplines that are supported by Pro Helvetia: design, interactive media, literature, music, performing arts, visual arts and architecture as well as projects which combine multiple disciplines both within and beyond the arts. Digital formats and analogue formats were selected. Projects include both small or large groups of partners.

    Funding is aimed at projects with the following goals:

    • To encourage artistic collaborations with long-term visions between Switzerland and one or more region of the liaison offices
    • To maintain existing AND develop new professional networks during and beyond the pandemic
    • To reflect on and develop new models of collaboration between artists, and between artists and organisations, towards a more equal and sustainable practice – both on the local and global level

    Ilustation: © Irene Schoch