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Our newsletter presents an overview of newly opened calls for applications.

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1 September is the deadline of several calls for applications in various arts disciplines. The grants on offer can, for example, provide cultural practitioners with the financial backing that allows them to produce new works of art.

In other formats, applications can be submitted all the year round. Further information can be found in the guidelines of the individual arts disciplines on our website.


Sound art and music theatre

We support scenic, performative and installative music productions regardless of genre and format. These include projects in the field of music theatre, multimedia works, sound installations and other forms of sound art, as well as music productions in connection with other artistic disciplines.

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The installative music theatre «Wildern» by collectif barbare received a production grant in 2021. In the picture: Vera Kardos


Literary creation grants

Until 1 September, authors or writing collectives can submit applications for a literary creation grant, irrespective of the language they work in. The grants aim to promote work on an emerging project (including children’s and youth literature, drama and spoken word). The projects are assessed in an anonymised form.

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International promotion

With our international promotion of Swiss literature, we also support event-organising institutions at home and abroad. To qualify for funding, projects must involve several books or several literary practitioners as well as some form of cooperation between a Swiss and an international cultural institution.

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Interactive Media

Three open calls

There are three open calls for applications in the field of interactive media, two of which have been newly launched: «Marketing Booster» is aimed at studios pursuing a specific marketing goal, while «Check your Game» intends to support up-and-coming game developers in the early stages of their professional career. Up to 1 September, applications can also be submitted for creation grants. More information on open calls for applications can be found at swissgames.ch.

Marketing Booster Check your Game Interactive Media Work Grants

Manuel Wirth, Denise Meier and Martin Hodler received a grant in spring 2022 for the pre-production of their game «Nawarak».


Research and production grants

Up to 1 September, applications can be submitted for transdisciplinary projects. The focus is on knowledge exchange and active collaboration between arts and culture practitioners on the one hand and representatives of various scientific or social disciplines (e.g. politics, ethnology, ecology, psychology, medicine, etc.) on the other.

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Work Grants

Our work grants for design aim to support projects of young Swiss studios in four different stages: concept development, prototype development, production and/or project extension. The projects supported are characterised by clear entrepreneurial targets, sustainable use, and a high degree of innovation.

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POPLIN PROJECT received a project extension grant in spring 2022. © Nuits Balnéaires

Research Trips

Two innovative elements

Arts and cultural practitioners from Switzerland can now apply for research residencies worldwide. The stays are limited to four weeks. The aim is for residents to gain content-related inspiration, forge networks and conduct artistic research. Artists who have children can also apply for additional financial means for accompaniment and childcare.

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Visual Arts

Art spaces

Self-organised art spaces as well as small and medium-sized cultural institutions whose programmes contain positions for young talents can apply for support for their annual programme or for individual project grants. The aim is to facilitate emerging cultural practitioners’ entry into the arts scene or for them to gain initial exhibition experience.

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Work grants

We support the creation of new works in the fields of visual arts, photography and architecture. Up to 1 September, arts practitioners can submit applications for research or production grants or for contributions towards a production including presentation.

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Pauline Julier received a grant for production including presentation for her «Follow the water» project in 2021. © Pauline Julier

Performing Arts

New productions and research grants

Independent groups and performing arts practitioners can apply for a production grant until 1 September. Support is also provided for theme-related research in the context of theoretical or artistic questions, or for research related to the critical reflexion and development of one’s own manner of work and artistic approach.

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Creation grants

Authors of comics and graphic novels (including digital formats) can apply for a creation grant up to 1 September. The contributions are made to support them in their work on a new project.

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Maeva Rubli received a creation grant for her comic «À côté de la plaque» in 2021. © Maeva Rubeli