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Literary creation grants: authors selected for a creation grant in 2023

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Reina Gehrig
Head of Literature


By spring 2023, 90 projects have been submitted with an application for a literary creation grant, 41 of which in German, 26 in French, 9 in Italian, 6 in another language and 8 in the field of children’s and young adult literature (4 German, 4 French).

At the recommendation of the jury for literature, that had assessed the applications in anonymised form, 11 projects representing the genres of fiction, performative literature and poetry, have been selected.

Eligible for a literary creation grant are authors who have already had a literary work published by a recognised publishing house, who are actively involved in the Swiss literary scene, and who are either Swiss citizens or permanent residents of Switzerland. The grants are awarded twice a year, in June and in November.

The following authors have been selected for a literature creation grant in 2023

Authors Language
Sibylle Berg German
Arthur Billerey French
Paula Rot: Katja Brunner & Magda Drozd German
Olimpia De Girolamo Italian
Sarah Gysler French
Sarah Kuratle German
Cruise Ship Misery: Sarah Elena Müller & Milena Krstic German
Davide Rigiani Italian
Isabelle Sbrissa French
Armin Senser German
Julia Toggenburger German