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Annual report 2019

Over 6000 supported art and cultural projects across Switzerland and in 120 countries: Pro Helvetia is looking back on 2019 with satisfaction.

Preface by Charles Beer and Philippe Bischof

More than a single story

Taking a look back can help us to see what is lying ahead more clearly. At least, that's how we feel when we look back at Pro Helvetia’s 80-year history: who would have thought that the politically motivated idea to establish a «Working Group for Swiss Cultural Preservation and Promotion» in 1939 would lead to today’s Pro Helvetia, an organisation that is deeply committed to supporting Swiss cultural projects in over 100 countries across the world.

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Stories, as they are told in retrospect, often appear linear and without the possibility of an alternative outcome. That the story could have turned out differently, depending on the narrator’s point of view or location and that there are indeed many stories rather than one, often gets lost amidst the hectic of our everyday lives and decisions. Especially for us at Pro Helvetia, an organisation that acts all around the world, it is important to be mindful of differences. As the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has quite rightly suggested, the «danger» of all of us being affected by «one single story» is real.

Pro Helvetia’s mission and content have developed over many years — not in any linear progression of the original idea, but through permanent interaction between culture, politics and society. By no means has this interplay always been straightforward and conflict-free. And yet, a unifying attitude has emerged from Pro Helvetia’s activities. Driven by a cultural policy of fostering free and democratic values, the Arts Council strives to practise responsibility and openness: towards contemporary artistic and cultural creation, towards an open and diverse society and towards the knowledge that the history and stories we encounter with other cultures, both in Switzerland and in the world, are forever plural.

This attitude seems more important to us today than ever before. In 2019 the complex interplay of culture, politics and society once again has gained in intensity. The conflicts and radicalisation experienced today by many societies and state systems have not stopped at culture and art. On the contrary, the controversy over the freedom of opinion and expression — without which art can neither be created, nor perceived or discussed — is becoming increasingly important. Neither an «end of history» nor for that matter an «end of stories», is in sight. Rarely in recent history have so many social movements, political shifts, cultural and economic conflicts existed in so many parts of the world. These developments also affect parts of our external network. We are therefore closely monitoring the news emerging from these areas because in today’s interconnected world we are all affected by global events, directly or indirectly. We are experiencing every day how much empathy, respect and visionary intelligence can and must be invested in the promotion and exchange of culture.

2019 was also an eventful year for Pro Helvetia: the refurbishment of our headquarters in Zurich, initiating and implementing organisational change and development across the organisation, developing the next Federal Cultural Policy Statement («Cultural Message») and drafting the new international strategy, were merely some of the many relevant projects on our path into the future. As an internal highlight, all staff from our liaison offices met in Zurich, at the end of August 2019, for the first time in Pro Helvetia’s history, for an intensive week dedicated to learning from each other and to further strengthening our global network through personal encounters. Finally, towards the end of the year, the «Open House» in our newly refurbished premises at Hirschengraben provided an opportunity to exchange ideas with the local population: opening our doors to interested members of the public and presenting our work was a memorable occasion.

There were also changes to the Board of Trustees. Peter Siegenthaler resigned in March 2019. Marie-Thérèse Bonadonna, Marco Franciolli, Johannes Schmid-Kunz and Nicole Seiler left us at the end of 2019, and the Federal Council elected five new members, to whom we extend a very warm welcome: Gianfranco Helbling, Esra Küçük, Sarah Lombardi, Elodie Pong and Karl Schwaar. We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the departing and remaining members of the Board of Trustees for their commitment and invaluable work. It was with great sadness that we had to announce the passing of Myriam Prongué, who had headed the Theatre Department since 2014. Her untimely death after a serious illness abruptly ended her unwavering commitment to the Swiss theatre landscape. We also mourned the death of Edgar Tripet, former vice-president of the Board of Trustees (1979–1990) and co-author of the 1975 Clottu Report, which proved to be of substantial cultural and political importance. He passed away at the end of the year.

Our all-important daily business, the promotion of artists and cultural practitioners and the dissemination of their work, involved handling a very large number of applications in 2019, as well as supporting and initiating a considerable number of projects. As every year, these included many and impressively diverse discoveries and surprises. Once again, knowledge- exchange and platform- based projects achieved wide international reach: for example, in South America — a region into which we are gaining deeper insight — or as part of Switzerland’s participation as a guest country at Bologna Children’s Book Fair or at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where Pro Helvetia presented a «Swiss Selection» of performances for the first time. These and many other events enabled new encounters and collaborations — each contributing to sharing the many stories of Swiss artists and cultural practitioners with the world.

Impressions 2019

Artist duo Gysin-Vanetti presented a new version of their work «Digits» at the «Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival» in Johannesburg.
Miriam Cahn’s first major solo exhibition in Austria, «das genaue Hinschauen», was shown at Kunsthaus Bregenz.
The «Festival d’Automne» in Paris featured a major retrospective of the performance artist La Ribot, including her piece «Another Distinguée».
In 2019, the «Festival Neue Musik Rümlingen» was a guest in the Lower Engadine and created special encounters with music, literature and art on the sound trail along the river Inn.
The opening week of the photography festival «Les Rencontres d’Arles» included a series of panel discussions with «Nonante-neuf Talks».
The Centre culturel suisse in Paris opened its season with a richly faceted programme of dance, performing and visual arts and music.
In the build-up to the «Sailing Stones» festival in Tunisia, musicians from Switzerland and Tunisia worked together on new creations.
The folk culture festival «Obwald» explores contrasts between and establishes connections with folk music traditions at home and abroad.
At the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz exhibited a film installation entitled «Moving Backwards».
26 Swiss illustrators participated in the exhibition «A Swiss ABC» at Bologna’s Children’s Book Fair.
Swiss studio Sunnyside Games received interactive media support for its arcade game «Towaga: Among Shadows».
A team of Swiss and South American sound artists visited the «Lab Verde» Residency in the Amazon with its project «A3 [Atacama x Amazon x Alps]».
In 2019, the Arts Council funded performative literature for the first time, including «50 Hertz» by spoken-word duo Fitzgerald & Rimini.
Thom Luz exhibited his «Unusual Weather Phenomena Machine» at Prague Quadriennal’s «Fragments» exhibition.
The «Compagnie Neopost Foofwa» toured Mali and Burkina Faso with its project «Dancewalk».
Besides Xenia Lucie Laffely, ten other young Swiss design studios presented their work at «Milano Design Week» under the label «Design Switzerland».
Manon Wertenbroek’s «Room» explored the local surroundings at the «Gibellina PhotoRoad» Festival in Sicily.

Our mission in Switzerland

In 2019, Pro Helvetia supported over 1600 art and cultural projects across Switzerland. Supporting Swiss artistic creation in all its diversity and ensuring its dissemination across Switzerland’s different language regions are at the heart of Pro Helvetia’s activities. The Arts Council is also committed to giving new impetus to cultural life through its initiatives. Pro Helvetia supports projects of national significance.

Supporting creation Granting financial support to artists to help them produce original works of art.

Sample projects 2019

In supporting creativity, Pro Helvetia contributes to the diversity and high quality of contemporary art in Switzerland. In 2019, the Arts Council awarded a total of 175 grants to Swiss artists in the fields of interdisciplinarity, literature, music, music theatre, dance, theatre and the visual arts. For the first time, Pro Helvetia also awarded grants to five performative literature projects, including queer artist Meloe Gennai’s spoken word «Comment j’ai fait semblant d’être normal». In the visual arts, Dominique Koch, among others, received funding for her multimedia project «Sowing the Seeds for the Future», which combines questions about ecology with science fiction. Ledwina Costantini from Ticino was awarded funding for her theatre production «Lady Shakespeare». The play deals with Shakespeare’s female characters and the relationship between power and femininity.

Exchange and promotion Supporting artistic projects that promote exchange between regions and advance social cohesion.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia fosters artistic and cultural exchange between the various regions of Switzerland. The exhibitions, theatre and dance productions, festivals, concert series, translations or folk culture events backed by Pro Helvetia build bridges between different linguistic regions and cultural communities and thereby strengthen social cohesion. In 2019, for example, Pro Helvetia supported the «Festival Neue Musik Rümlingen». Held in the Lower Engadine rather than where it was founded, the festival featured new music and several installations along a sound trail in the valley. The Swiss Arts Council also supported «aller-retour», the biennial festival of translation and literature in Olten. The train ride to the venue from Basel, Biel, Bern, Lucerne and Zurich was also part of the programme. Support was also granted to the audio festival «Klang Moor Schopfe». Held out in the countryside, the event makes contemporary sound culture in the Gaiser Moor audible and accessible.

Supporting emerging artists Enabling emerging artists to access the professional arts scene.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia supports emerging artists and helps them gain a foothold in the Swiss and the international professional scene. In collaboration with its partner institutions, Pro Helvetia offers various services, from residency and coaching programmes to grants for public presentations and promotional measures. Among others, Pro Helvetia intensified its cooperation with the «Grand Luxe» network and enabled four young choreographers to take up residencies in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. A tried and tested format for emerging visual artists are art fair presentations. In 2019, nine young artists were given the opportunity to present themselves at renowned art fairs such as «Liste Art Fair» in Basel or «Artissima» in Turin, thereby strengthening their international visibility.

Stimulating culture Supporting projects that provide fresh artistic or cultural stimulus.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia is well attuned to issues and trends in contemporary artistic creation and backs innovative projects able to provide fresh cultural stimulus in Switzerland. In 2019, the Arts Council took a first step towards developing future support for new models of production and cooperation between art, technology and science by launching a call for proposals for the pilot project «PolARTS». In addition, events such as «Mode Suisse» in Zurich and Geneva or the «Design Biennale Zurich» were supported as part of the special focus «New Models of Collaboration – Culture and Business». In 2019, there was also a further call for proposals for «Tandem Interculture», the «Intercultural Society» initiative launched the previous year.

Cultural outreach Promoting innovative and exemplary projects that enable broad audiences to critically engage with art and culture.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia supports cultural outreach projects that are innovative in their approach, serve as examples and encourage open-minded engagement with the arts. In 2019, funding was awarded to the touring exhibition «Chnopf uf», whose focus was a climate-friendly energy future. Support was also granted to the educational SMS-tool «Was glauben die eigentlich?». Visitors to Kunsthalle Zürich were able to raise and share their critical questions about the exhibitions.

Our mission abroad

As part of its international activities, in 2019 Pro Helvetia supported a total of over 4500 art and cultural projects in 120 countries. Pro Helvetia supports the presentation of Swiss artistic projects abroad. It also promotes Swiss art and culture in an international context, for example at various platforms such as trade fairs and biennials. Its global network and its country programmes foster cultural exchange with other cultural regions.

Dissemination Promoting the international presence of Swiss artists and cultural practitioners and the dissemination of their works abroad.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia supports the dissemination of works by Swiss artists and cultural practitioners who have been invited by renowned institutions, event organisers or festivals abroad. Funding is provided for theatre and dance productions, concert tours, readings, exhibitions and the publication of translations of Swiss literature. To this end, the Arts Council funds a wide range of projects. In 2019, these included the first major solo exhibition «das genaue Hinschauen» of artist Miriam Cahn in Austria, which was shown at Kunsthaus Bregenz. In the performing arts, the «Festival d’Automne» in Paris showcased Swiss dance and theatre with support from the Arts Council. A major exhibition of the work of Geneva-based performance artist La Ribot was shown at several venues, for example at the Centre Pompidou.

Promotion Taking measures to network and promote Swiss art and culture among international organisers and professionals.

Sample projects 2019

The Arts Council implements a wide range of promotional measures to raise awareness of Swiss cultural production among Swiss and foreign professionals. For example, Pro Helvetia again cooperated with the French network AJC («Association Jazzé Croisé»), in order to lend the Swiss jazz scene greater visibility in France. A selection of Swiss theatre and dance productions was shown for the first time at «The Fringe» festival under the label «Swiss Selection Edinburgh». The three productions («21» by Mats Staub, «8:8» by Mercimax and the evening double-header «Traumboy» by Daniel Hellmann and «Traumgirl» by Anne Welenc) were presented to an international audience of professionals at the most important English-language theatre festival with the support of Pro Helvetia. A new edition of «Cahiers d’Artistes» was also published in 2019, enabling eight visual artists to publish for the first time.

Swiss participation Sponsoring Swiss participation and special features on Swiss creation at internationally renowned events.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia organises and sponsors swiss participation and special features on Swiss creation at numerous internationally renowned events, fairs and biennials. Substantial funding from Pro Helvetia enabled Switzerland’s participation as the guest country at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. The exhibition «An ABC of Switzerland» highlighted the work of Swiss illustrators. At the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Charlotte Laubard curated the Swiss contribution «Moving Backwards» by artists Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz, whose film installation explored the practices and tactics of resistance. At the 14th Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space, the Swiss contribution by Fragmentin (Lausanne) and Kosmos (Geneva), two teams of artists and architects, focused on traditional notions of an original nature unaffected by technology.

International cultural exchange Fostering knowledge exchange between Swiss and international arts practitioners.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia encourages exchange with other cultures, in particular through residencies, knowledge exchange and cooperation projects. These measures enable Swiss artists and cultural practitioners to expand their network, become familiar with other cultural contexts and gain new professional experience. For instance, an Arts Council grant enabled Swiss writer Dana Grigorcea to travel to the United States to mark the publication of the English translation of her latest book. In addition to a two-week studio residency, Dana Grigorcea took part in the «Festival Neue Literatur» in New York and gave readings in several cities. In cooperation with Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, the Arts Council funded the documentary theatre project «Converting Eviction» (co-directed by Sello Pesa and Tim Zulauf) that explores South Africa’s relationship with Switzerland during apartheid. The play was performed in Switzerland as well as in South Africa.

New networks, regions and markets Opening up networks, regions and markets with potential for Swiss arts practitioners.

Sample projects 2019

Finally, Pro Helvetia targets new networks, regions and markets in which it identifies opportunities for intensifying exchange and for strengthening the presence of Swiss art and culture, in particular by initiating partnerships with regional organisers. In 2019, Pro Helvetia again made an important contribution to «Impuls Neue Musik». The German-French-Swiss Fund for Contemporary Music promotes the networking of musicians across language barriers. As part of its special focus «Culture and Business», the Arts Council enabled Swiss creative professionals to participate in important international trade fairs («Milano Design Week» or the «Game Developers Conference» in San Francisco) and meet industry partners from across the world.

Our global network

Pro Helvetia’s global network includes five liaison offices, the Centre culturel suisse in Paris and several partner institutions. The Coincidencia – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges» programme is currently exploring the possibility of opening a new liaison office in South America. During the reporting year, Pro Helvetia’s liaison offices established new partnerships in various countries, to help access new regions and markets for cultural exchange and the dissemination of Swiss culture.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg enabled artist Uriel Orlow to attend the 2019 Lubumbashi Biennial in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he collaborated with a local women’s cooperative on his work «Learning from plants». In cooperation with the liaison offices and theInstitute for Creative Arts, the first editionof the «Live Art Workshops» was also held in Cape Town. In order to strengthen knowledge exchange, the workshops will also take place in other regions in the future.

Since 1998, the liaison office in Johannesburg is a stable anchor point that enables Pro Helvetia to pursue its mission of promoting Swiss art and culture in Southern Africa.

Sample projects 2019

Funded by Pro Helvetia Cairo, five Swiss bands who had previously co-created works with Tunisian musicians as part of a residency performed at the «Sailing Stones Festival» in Tunisia. In addition, Swiss choreographer Marc Oosterhoff performed his solo piece «Take Care of Yourself» at the interdisciplinary outdoor festival «Us, the Moon and the Neighbors» in Beirut, Lebanon.

Since 1988, the liaison office in Cairo is a stable anchor point that enables Pro Helvetia to pursue its mission of promoting Swiss art and culture in the Arab world.

Sample projects 2019

In 2019, Pro Helvetia Moscow supported Theater Basel’s guest performance of «Three Sisters» at the 25th edition of Moscow’s «Golden Mask» Festival. Moreover, 14 Swiss composers presented their works at «reMusik.org», the international new music festival in Saint Petersburg. The festival was opened by the Ensemble for New Music Zurich in the Mariinsky Theatre’s concert hall.

Since 2017, the liaison office in Moscow is a stable anchor point that enables Pro Helvetia to pursue its mission of promoting Swiss art and culture in Russia.

Sample projects 2019

Pro Helvetia New Delhi supported Raphael Hefti’s «Community Art Project» in rural Sylhet, Bangladesh. The production involved exploring the landscape of Bangladesh and exchanging ideas with the local population. Choreographer Teresa Rotemberg spent a month researching at the «Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts» in Bangalore, India, where she worked with local dance students on their graduation projects.

Since 2007, the liaison office in New Delhi is a stable anchor point that enables Pro Helvetia to pursue its mission of promoting Swiss art and culture in South Asia.

Sample projects 2019

Support from Pro Helvetia Shanghai enabled Swiss artists Katja Schenker and Simon Hügli (Zimoun) to exhibit their works at the «Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition». In 2019, the collaboration with the «Shenzhen Creative Week», launched the previous year, was continued. Under the label «Design Switzerland», the Arts Council enabled three Swissdesign studios to establish contact with Asian industry partners.

Since 2010, the liaison office in Shanghai is a stable anchor point that enables Pro Helvetia to pursue its mission of promoting Swiss art and culture in China.

Sample projects 2019

The «Bienal de Artes Mediales» in Santiago, Chile, organised a Swiss focus with the support of Coincidencia. Curator Jean Paul Felley designed a group exhibition featuring five Swiss artists dedicated to 21st-century ecosystems. In 2019, the «Simetría» artistic residency programme involving two of the world’s leading research centres (CERN in Geneva and ALMA in Chile) took place for the first time. The residency aims to open up spaces for creation and dialogue between art and science.

The «Coincidencia – Kulturaustausch Schweiz – Südamerika» programme is currently exploring the possibility of opening a new liaison office in South America.

Sample projects 2019

The Centre culturel suisse (CCS) in Paris and Kunstmuseum Olten jointly presented Nives Widauer’s retrospective exhibition «Villa Nix». Bearing the same title, the subsequently published monograph provides comprehensive insight into the work of the Swiss artist. 2019 also saw the first edition of «Littératures suisses». Twice a year for two days, around ten Swiss authors present their current work in the original language or in French translation.

Funded by Pro Helvetia, the Centre culturel suisse (CCS) in Paris is dedicated to promoting contemporary Swiss creation in France while supporting exchange between the countries’ artistic scenes.

Facts and figures

Of the CHF 42.4 million available to Pro Helvetia in 2019, 87.2 per cent were invested directly in culture. At 12.8 per cent, the share of administration costs was, as in previous years, well below the federal government’s strategic target of 15 per cent. In 2019, Pro Helvetia received 5348 applications. Compared to the previous year, the share of approved applications rose by about 1 per cent to 48.4 per cent.

Culture – our top priority

  • Cultural information
  • Stimulus and exchange programmes
  • Projects of offices abroad
  • Projects resulting from applications

87.2 per cent of the CHF 42.4 million spent by Pro Helvetia in 2019 went directly to culture. Administrative costs (12.8%), calculated on the basis of ZEWO standards, remained clearly below the strategic threshold of 15 per cent prescribed by the Swiss Confederation.

Projects resulting from applications 25.8 million
Projects of offices abroad 6.1 million
Stimulus and exchange programmes 4.6 million
Cultural information 0.5 million
Administration 5.4 million
Amounts spent in CHF
In the context of the Federal Cultural Policy Statement («Cultural Message»), Swiss Parliament grants Pro Helvetia a framework budget every four years. The Arts Council has received CHF 210.9 million for the 2016–2020 period (a one-off five-year period). The 2019 instalment of CHF 43.2 million amounted to CHF 41.1 million due to budget cuts.

Overview of applications received

In 2019, Pro Helvetia received 5348 applications. Support was granted to projects in dance, literature and society, music, theatre, visual arts and — subsumed under the umbrella term «interdisciplinarity» – to cross-disciplinary projects including interactive media, design and new technologies.

No Pro Helvetia funding decision was appealed against in 2019. Last year’s appeal to the Federal Administrative Court was upheld in a ruling of 22 January 2019. However, no reassessment was required, as the application was withdrawn.

Development of the number of applications

  • Applications received
  • Applications accepted
  • Percentage of applications accepted

The share of approved applications rose by about 1 per cent to 48.4 per cent compared to the previous year. At the same time, the number of applications received declined slightly. The absolute value of approved applications thus remained constant. Applicants also received slightly higher amounts on average. The slightly lower number of applications received is due in particular to improved advance information.

Support granted with due emphasis on diversity

  • Swiss population by language region Federal Statistical Office (as at 2018)
  • Projektgelder

Support granted by Pro Helvetia takes into account Switzerland’s linguistic and cultural diversity.

Support granted in all regions of Switzerland

In 2019, Pro Helvetia’s support helped to realise 1611 art and cultural projects in 228 places across Switzerland – from rural municipalities (e.g. Lavin, Giswil or Muggio) through medium-size towns (e.g. Nyon, Chiasso or Biel) to densely populated urban centres (e.g. Bern, Geneva, Basel or Zurich).

Promotion of Swiss culture around the world

Besides its domestic activities, Pro Helvetia supported over 4500 Swiss art and cultural projects in 120 countries in 2019.


Pro Helvetia regularly evaluates its most important programmes and promotional measures. In 2019, it evaluated the special focus «Culture and Business», the «Coincidencia – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges» programme and the promotional platform «Sélection Suisse en Avignon». The evaluations provide important information on the quality of the various activities and on any need for adjustment.

Culture and Business – new funding models for design and interactive media

The external evaluation of the special focus «Culture and Business» revealed that this pilot project is bearing fruit. The focus is part of the 2016–2020 Cultural Message and enables Pro Helvetia to introduce measures to help creative professionals and emerging talents in the fields of interactive media and design to acquire the tools needed for their development. The programme creates added value for actors in the sector by facilitating market access, by supporting professionalization and by building a network and making knowledge and know-how available. The over 700 projects submitted to date in response to the various calls for proposals show that the focus meets a real need within the scene. The evaluation also identified room for improving matchmaking and coaching offers besides suggesting new tools. The observations and recommendations will be incorporated into the ongoing deliberations on the sustainable continuation of this pilot scheme.

Coincidencia – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges

In order to open up new opportunities for performance and exchange in one of the world’s culturally most diverse and dynamic regions, the Arts Council launched the «Coincidencia» programme between Switzerland and South America as part of its 2016–2020 Cultural Message. An evaluation of the programme carried out at the end of 2019 aimed to examine whether South America offers a promising and relevant environment for Pro Helvetia’s intensified cultural exchange and promotional activities. The quantitative potential in terms of artistic and cultural exchange was judged to be very high, with over 235 projects involving some 600 events. Other parameters examined included project quality, geographical scope, partnership quality, economic, political and security conditions, and the structure and financing of a possible permanent presence. The results will form the basis for deciding whether to open a new liaison office in South America.

Sélection Suisse en Avignon – promotional platform

Back in 2016, Pro Helvetia and the «Commission romande de diffusion des spectacles» (Corodis) launched the «Sélection Suisse en Avignon», a Swiss platform at the «Festival OFF d’Avignon». The aim of the platform is to draw more attention to the Swiss scene at the most important industry meeting in the francophone region and thus enable selected productions to have more guest performances abroad. An evaluation carried out after three editions revealed that the «Sélection Suisse» has gained a great deal of visibility in a short space of time and has successfully brought together the selected dance and theatre professionals. At the time of evaluation, 236 platform-based guest performances abroad had already been confirmed. Each year, around 500 programme managers attended the Swiss plays performed in Avignon; 60 to 80 articles have appeared each year, some in major French daily newspapers. Based on the very positive evaluation, Pro Helvetia has decided to support the project for another four years (until 2023) and to extend its manager’s contract for another two years, to enable consolidating and further pursuing the development work successfully undertaken to date.

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