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«Art, Science and Technology»

Within the framework of Art+, Pro Helvetia also supports the four-year focus on «Art, Science and Technology»

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Gianna Conrad
Innovation & Society Specialist


Pro Helvetia promotes the production and dissemination of contemporary Swiss arts and culture projects with a view to diversity as well as national and international reach. Such projects are also meant to enhance knowledge exchange across artistic and non-artistic disciplines and to provide society with creative stimulus and access to critical thinking. As a national foundation, Pro Helvetia supports only projects of cross-regional and/or international significance, and supplements the promotional activities of Switzerland’s cantons and municipalities.

Artists and cultural practitioners should have the possibility of engaging with sociological shifts and integrating them in their artistic endeavours beyond the confines of their specific arts discipline – also in terms of support. Collaborations between artistic and non-artistic fields generate synergies, with the mindsets, methods and procedures of the various disciplines entering into a dialogue. Artistic perspectives, digital technologies, non-artistic disciplines and scientific debate meet on a single platform.

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Art+ is a key pillar of Pro Helvetia’s Innovation & Society sector. The guidelines for applicants set out the procedure for submitting a funding application in the field of Innovation & Society to the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. They also explain the assessment criteria, procedures, deadlines and appeals process.

Innovation & Society guidelines

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Please refer to the Innovation & Society guidelines to obtain an overview of the funding criteria as well as the application and selection process.