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Comic creation grants

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia awards creation grants for comics and graphic novels to Swiss creators of comics. The grants are awarded once a year following the recommendation of a jury and amount to 20’000 CHF. They are aimed at supporting recipients in their work an on emerging project. Eligible for a creation grant …


Literary creation grants: authors selected for a creation grant in 2022

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has awarded a creation grant to eleven authors for a literary project. By spring 2022, 74 projects had been submitted with an application for a literary creation grant, 30 of which from the German-speaking part of Switzerland (one of which in dialect), 29 from the Romandie (French, one of …

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Swiss Literature Festival in Belgium

Allegra Switzerland was invited as the guest of honour at the 2021 Brussels Book Fair. The participation was first postponed, and then the fair was cancelled altogether due to the global health crisis. But that didn’t stop the partners from bringing Swiss literature in its whole richness to the Belgian public: The Swiss Arts Council …

Global Network & International Affairs

Selected Projects: «To-gather»

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has selected 31 projects to support the development and testing of new frameworks and methodologies for working internationally as part of the «To-gather» international collaboration. For the first time, «To-gather» supports 2–3-year collaborations between arts practitioners, cultural organisations and institutions in Switzerland and their counterparts in the regions of …


Swiss literary creation in all languages

Last year, Pro Helvetia expanded its support for literary creation to texts in all languages. Since then, authors writing in languages other than Switzerland’s national languages can also apply for a literary creation grant. In this video, three authors share what this new opportunity means to them, while Reina Gehrig, Head of Literature at Pro …

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Innovation & Society

Call for Applications «Multiply Perspectives»

With its call for applications «Multiply Perspectives», the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia aims to support projects that seek innovative ways of thinking critically about art and culture and about their function in society as part of our thematic focus on «Critical Reflection». Funded projects should stimulate opinion-forming, multiple perspectives and critical discussion on the …


Literary creation grants: authors selected for a creation grant in 2021

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has awarded a creation grant to nine authors for a literary project. For the second time, authors who do not write in one of Switzerland’s four official languages were also entitled to apply for a grant.    By autumn 2021, 79 projects had been submitted with an application for a literary creation grant, …

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The Arts Council

Overview of open calls for applications

The upcoming submission deadline for calls for application in the various disciplines is 1 September. For further information on open calls and forms of promotion Pro Helvetia offers, please visit our webpage: Design Innovation & Society Interactive Media Literature Music Performing Arts Visual Arts

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Literature, Visual Arts

Comics creation grants 2021

In connection with a two-year pilot project (2020/2021), Pro Helvetia is again awarding creation grants for Swiss creators of comics this year. The awarded sum of CHF 20,000 per grant is intended to ensure the realisation of selected projects in the comics field. Eligible for a creation grant are arts practitioners from Switzerland who are …

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Literary creation in all languages

Starting in 2021, Pro Helvetia expands its support for literary creation to texts in all languages: For the first time, authors writing in all languages can apply. This means that also Swiss authors who are writing in languages other than Switzerland’s national languages can submit applications for a literary creation grant (formerly literary work grant). …

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Creation grants for 10 creators of comics

As a pilot project, Pro Helvetia is – for the first time – awarding creation grants to Swiss creators of comics in 2020 and 2021. The first call for projects closed in December and proved highly successful. 61 projects were submitted, 24 from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, 35 from the French-speaking part and 2 …

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New platform for book professionals

New, fresh and digital – the platform «Translate Swiss Books» enables international publishers, translators, event organisers and other professionals from the world of books to gain swift and uncomplicated access to information and tips on the latest in Swiss literature. «Translate Swiss Books» replaces the print publication «12 Swiss Books», which went through eight editions, …

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Innovation & Society

Results «Close Distance»

The call for projects under the heading «Close Distance» has now closed after two months and with 591 projects submitted. Pro Helvetia’s aim was to encourage the creation of art formats with an innovative approach to coping with the distance imposed by Covid-19 and its medium and long term impact.   «The overwhelming number of applications shows that …

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The Arts Council

«Close Distance»: Seeking New Cultural Formats

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically reduced our mobility within a very short time, in some cases down to zero. Cultural life in public has ground to a halt. This unprecedented situation is posing great problems for the arts and cultural scene and requires innovative solutions. What creative strategies and alternative formats can be applied when …

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Work grants for literature

In 2020, Pro Helvetia will once again award work grants of CHF 25,000 each to Swiss authors writing in all four national languages. Thanks to this support, they can fully devote themselves to a literary project over a long period. The funding is destined both for established authors and young talents. However, they must have already published a …