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New platform for book professionals

New, fresh and digital – the platform «Translate Swiss Books» enables international publishers, translators, event organisers and other professionals from the world of books to gain swift and uncomplicated access to information and tips on the latest in Swiss literature. «Translate Swiss Books» replaces the print publication «12 Swiss Books», which went through eight editions, …


Work grants for literature: new fiction in the making

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has this year awarded work grants to 21 authors from all four linguistic regions in Switzerland for a literary project. The selected projects include works of poetry as well as numerous novels by established and up-and-coming voices.   With work grants amounting to CHF 25,000 each, the Swiss Arts …

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Innovation & Society

Results «Close Distance»

The call for projects under the heading «Close Distance» has now closed after two months and with 591 projects submitted. Pro Helvetia’s aim was to encourage the creation of art formats with an innovative approach to coping with the distance imposed by Covid-19 and its medium and long term impact.   «The overwhelming number of applications shows that …

Literature, Visual Arts

Pro Helvetia Strengthens Support for Comics

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is seeking applications for work grants and is unifying its existing support instruments in the field of comics. The aim is to provide more comprehensive support to the Swiss comics scene. The work grants for comics productions are to help consolidate comics as an independent art discipline and close …

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The Arts Council

«Close Distance»: Seeking New Cultural Formats

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically reduced our mobility within a very short time, in some cases down to zero. Cultural life in public has ground to a halt. This unprecedented situation is posing great problems for the arts and cultural scene and requires innovative solutions. What creative strategies and alternative formats can be applied when …

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Work grants for literature

In 2020, Pro Helvetia will once again award work grants of CHF 25,000 each to Swiss authors writing in all four national languages. Thanks to this support, they can fully devote themselves to a literary project over a long period. The funding is destined both for established authors and young talents. However, they must have already published a …


One month at the Château de Lavigny

In summer 2019, Luciana Cisbani spent a month at the Château de Lavigny and devoted herself to translating texts by Pascale Kramer. The international residence in Canton Vaud was set up by Jane Rowohlt in memory of her husband, the German publisher Heinrich Maria Ledig-Rowohlt. In her former home – Château de Lavigny, built in …


At Arles, where the Rhône stagnates

Translator Gaëlle Cogan from the French-speaking part of Switzerland spent one month at the Collège International des Traducteurs Littéraires (CITL) in autumn 2017. Located in the centre of Arles in the west wing of the former «Hôtel-Dieu», the CITL offers an ideal infrastructure and atmosphere for translators of literature from around the world. One of …

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Swiss literature as guest of honour in Montpellier

Around 30 Swiss authors have been invited to the 34th edition of Comédie du Livre in Montpellier. Organised by the municipal Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole society, the Comédie du Livre festival presents a broad-based literary programme every year. The festival was originally founded to boost the booksellers’ network and to stage a public open-air event focusing …

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From Illustration to Book: A glimpse into the studios of Swiss book illustrators

Delving into the Colourful World of Children’s Books Switzerland was the guest of honour at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the most important trade event for children’s, youth and picture books worldwide. In the run-up to the event, Pro Helvetia took a look into the studios of Swiss book illustrators. The resulting video series …


Swiss Children’s Books in the Limelight

Switzerland is guest of honour at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Books Fair, the most important trade event for children’s, youth and picture books worldwide. It is a key do for authors, illustrators, publishers and booksellers in the field, and this year’s edition is again expected to attract around 27,000 visitors from over 60 countries. For …


Spoken Word Performances

New Promotion Instruments Spoken Word performances have become an established new art form in Switzerland, with numerous artists – either individually or as a collective – dedicating themselves to this form of spoken literature. Opportunities to perform at publishing houses, theatres and Spoken Word festivals are increasingly opening up for the vibrant Swiss scene, which …


Frankfurt Book Fair: new translations

Pro Helvetia is again represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year, from 10 to 14 October, in collaboration with the Swiss Booksellers’ and Publishers’ Association (SBVV). The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest of its kind in the world, attracting thousands of exhibitors from around 100 countries and approximately 300,000 visitors each year in …