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Urban intervention by Lea Meier in São Paulo ©Lúcio Braga
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Pro Helvetia to open office in South America

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is due to open an office in South America in 2021, with staff members located in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, as a follow-up to the successful «COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges» programme. The programme was launched in 2017. It supported numerous projects by Swiss artists …

Nicole L'Huillier, «El Poema de la Fábrica Cósmica», ALMA (Chile)

Simetría Residency 2019

There are human disciplines that, from their onset, are destined to inquire into the most fundamental aspects of existence and to uncover the secrets of the origin of the universe – and within that, of life itself. That is the case of art and science, both dedicated to creation and experimentation and, yet, perceived by …

Incidencias Sonoras

Incidencias Sonoras

Launched in fall 2018, «Incidencias Sonoras» is the new experimental music and sound art platform in connection with our South America programme COINCIDENCIA. «Incidencias Sonoras» focuses on exploratory musical activities that promote new musical languages and other forms of listening and highlights practices that are closer to contemporary art, such as free improvisation, free jazz, …