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Foto: Christoph Oertli © International Performance Art Giswil 2017
Projects Cultural Diversity

Cross-cantonal cultural competence centres (LU, NW, OW, SZ, UR, ZG)

The project «Überkantonale kulturelle Kompetenzzentren» aims to gauge the effectiveness of cultural competence centres that have been set up in Central Switzerland in recent years. Specifically, four such cultural institutions with cross-cantonal appeal – «Haus der Volksmusik» in Altdorf, «Literaturhaus Zentralschweiz lit.z» in Stans, «Kulturlandschaft Luzern» and «expo Turbine» in Giswil – are being sponsored …

Numerik Games ®Hélène Millasson
Projects Cultural Diversity

Numerik Games (VD)

In 2016 the museum «Maison d’Ailleurs» initiated the transdisciplinary festival «Numerik Games» in Yverdon-les-Bains, a festival of digital culture featuring personalities from culture, technology, education and tourism. Digital, participative performances and exhibitions are presented in public spaces and master classes are offered. Pro Helvetia is backing the project for two years (2016 – 2018) to …

Fotografie: Hannes Thalmann © Kulturlandsgemeinde
Projects Cultural Diversity

Cantonal culture assembly (AR)

Culture, debates and encounters «Kulturlandsgemeinde» (the name modelled on the canton’s annual political assembly) is a festival in Appenzell Ausserrhoden held at a different location and dedicated to a different topic each year. Be it truths, distortions and lies, the limits of a society striving for ever greater perfection in all walks of life, or …

Projects Cultural Diversity

Forum Culture – Projet Guillaume (BE)

Taking culture to outlying communities The networking project «fOrum culture», launched by the canton of Berne, intends to generate greater visibility for regional stage art. Pro Helvetia is supporting the subproject «Forum Culture – Projet Guillaume» from 2016 to 2019. It consists of four different formats that are put into practice in the canton of …

Comic created by an artist in residence of Delémont'BD
Projects Cultural Diversity

Delémont, Cité de la BD (JU)

Once a year, Delémont turns into a meeting place for super-heroes, or at least Switzerland’s capital of comics, heralded as «Delémont, Cité de la BD». What this means becomes clear every June, when the tranquil town is transformed into a comics universe. Monsters occupy shop windows, speech bubbles and stick figures pop up on billboards, …

Art en Partage - Supernova
Projects Cultural Diversity

Art en partage – Partaking in culture (VS)

Strengthening cultural identity in the canton of Valais 17 selected projects address issues in society, agriculture, tourism, urbanisation and health in the programme entitled «Art en partage – kulturelle Teilhabe» (partaking in culture) in the canton of Valais. The projects – from the disciplines of literature, visual arts, design and architecture, performing arts, film and …

Exposition BEM–TE–VÍ
Projects Cultural Diversity

Creative Villages (VS)

Contemporary culture, tourism and local communities Festivals on meadows, artist residencies between mountain stream and Alpine huts, and exhibitions under out-of-town night skies. Rural regions are increasingly becoming fertile ground for cultural projects. Creative Villages sought to explore and activate the potential of cultural projects in non-urban regions. Together with the Valais school of design …

Former pump room Büvetta Tarasp, NAIRS
Projects Cultural Diversity

NAIRS – Engadine building culture past and present (GR)

Foreign elements in homegrown traditions Fundaziun NAIRS in the Engadine is an art venue, cultural centre and artists’ abode all in one. In its role as cultural centre it focuses on the heritage and cultural creation of the region and on associated issues. Fundaziun NAIRS raises questions about the Engadine’s cultural identity and hosts events …

Photo of the «Residenze artistiche in Valle Verzasca» in 2015
Photography, Projects Cultural Diversity

Residenze artistiche in Valle Verzasca (TI)

The Verzasca Foto festival is held once a year, in the 87 inhabitant strong village of Sonogno at the very end of Valle Verzasca. For a few days between end of August and early September, photographs are on display throughout the village on house facades and in window recesses. To enhance the festival’s standing and …

Projects Cultural Diversity

Living traditions in images (FR)

Reviving, sharing, connecting Living traditions viewed from a contemporary perspective – this is the goal of the participatory collection and exhibition project in the canton of Fribourg. It is aimed at the local public and would like in particular to actively involve the younger generation of the Fribourg region. Art practitioners and hobby photographers are …

Photo of the project «Verschiebungen 18/18»
Projects Cultural Diversity

Verschiebungen 18/18 (SO)

A scenographic approach to the general strike A hundred years after the general strike, the project commemorates the fateful incidents of November 1918 in the canton of Solothurn and discusses its meaning for the present. The project was jointly set up by Pro Helvetia and SoKultur and runs until 2019. The aim is to raise …

Symposium «Crowdfunding in der Kultur»
Projects Cultural Diversity

Crowdfunding in culture

Crowdfunding in culture – does that work? To find an answer, Pro Helvetia supported three projects in 2016: Study on crowdfunding in culture Pro Helvetia and the Federal Office of Culture jointly commissioned a study from the Institut für Finanzdienstleistung Zug on the significance of crowdfunding in the world of culture. The results show that …