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Centre culturel suisse in Paris (CCS)

Pro Helvetia operates the Centre culturel suisse in Paris (CCS). It has two large exhibition rooms, a theatre and a bookshop.
The CCS helps raise awareness in Paris and France for contemporary Swiss art. It fosters contacts between the French and Swiss art scenes and organises a multifaceted programme with around 70 events each year. The events span all arts disciplines, including literature, dance, theatre, music, visual art, film and architecture.

Located since 1985 in the heart of the Marais, the CCS is currently closed for renovations. Following a call for tenders by the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (FOBL), in association with Pro Helvetia, the selected architectural project is the result of a Franco-Swiss collaboration between Thomas Raynaud (Paris) and Truwant + Rodet + (Basel).

The CCS remains active until its reopening in 2024 and deploys an « On Tour » program across all regions of France.


Jean-Marc Diébold

Emmanuelle Brom

Laetitia Favret
Régie générale

Claire Hoffmann
Programmation arts visuels

Illescas Margaux

Dominique Martin

Léopoldine Turbat
Communication et diffusion